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Dr. Foster, director of The Emancipated Autism Project™, is a diagnosed Autist or Autistic. He has been a full-time college professor since 1985 and was previously, beginning in 1980, a part-time college instructor. You are invited to visit his blog and to review his credentials. As a clinical sociologist, and owner of Mark A. Foster Services™, he offers the following:
  • Autist-to-Autist ™ Mentoring: Like many Autists, Dr. Foster had a traumatic childhood. He was victimized by the psychiatric establishment, abused by his parents, and bullied by his peers. Today, having compensated and adapted to living in a neurotypical society, other Autists adults can benefit from his first-hand experiences. Services are provided in person (for those in the Kansas City area), over the phone, or through Skype. Fees are reasonable and on a sliding scale. Please email Dr. Foster for more information.
  • Lecturing: Dr. Foster delivers illuminating and engaging presentations on Autism. Services are provided in the Kansas City area or, with paid transportation, anywhere in North America. So far, my presentations have been free of charge. If I were to charge money, fees would be limited to transportation and housing costs. Once again, email Dr. Foster for further information.
Dr. Foster combines his social scientific expertise with his own biography. He is not a physician, not a psychologist, not a social worker, and he cannot diagnose or treat illnesses and diseases. To the contrary, he believes that emancipation through unity is accessible to Autists, as to others. Needless to say, if you have any health problems, you are urged to consult a licensed medical practitioner.
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