The Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective
The autonomist Antifa movement (MP3) challenges neofascism, neonazism, and right–wing authoritarianism as well as the oppression of subaltern or marginalized races, ethnicities, nationalities, castes, and tribes. Antifa Luxemburgism™ (MP3) or AL™ is an emancipatory praxis of left regroupment for Marxists, anarchists, and left libertarians. Regarding left refoundation, AL’s primary critical frameworks are Marxism–Luxemburgism and Bhaskarian critical realism. Strategically and tactically, AL is protective and defensive, not aggressive and offensive. Activists can, as an illustration, form human shields to safeguard intended victims.
Rosa Luxemburg (MP3; 1871–1919) as a rightful successor to Karl Marx (MP3; 1818–1883) and Friedrich Engels (MP3; 1820–1895), the libertarian Marxist founder of British critical realism Roy Bhaskar (MP3; 1944–2014), and Tony Cliff (1917–2000) whose international socialism fused Trotskyism (MP3) with Luxemburgism are all major sources for AL. Supplementary currents include: the Titoism (MP3) of Maršal J̌osip Broz Tito (Serbo–Croatian Cyrillic, Маршал Јосип Броз Тито [MP3], 1892–1980), the workers’ self–directed coöperative enterprises of Richard D. Wolff (born 1942), the De Leonism (MP3) of Daniel De Leon (MP3; 1852–1914), and the multi–tendency socialism from below.
The perspectives delineated above have been synthesized into The Institute for Dialectical metaRealism (MP3) or IDmR™, The Collective to Fight Neurelitism (MP3) or CFN™, and, of course, The Antifa Luxemburgist Communist Collective (MP3) or ALCC™. The latter is a member of the online leftist movement, Antifascist Action (Google+ Edition), reddit Antifa, rs21: revolutionary socialism in the 21ˢᵗ century, and the United Socialist Front. Inspired by the revolutionary and transformative legacy of the great Red Rosa (German, rote Rosa [MP3]) 🌹, the ALCC vigorously promotes a genuine democratic communism while avoiding partisan politics.
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