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I am a CompuServe Section Leader for the Taoism, Buddhism, Bahá'í section (#9) in the Religion Forum and for the Terrorism and Mideast section (#11) in the Political Debate Forum. My screen name is Markalanfoster. Message boards, file libraries, and chat rooms are maintained for all three sections. The CompuServe forums are among the best on the Internet.

Although you may select CompuServe as your online service, there is  no charge  for participation in these forums. If you already have an AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, AOL Calendar, AOL Hometown, AOL Shopping, or a Netscape screen name, you can use it on CompuServe  without cost , or you can register  for free  directly with CompuServe. You may also visit these forums as a guest, but, if so, you may not be able to post messages.

I also operate some other message boards and forums. All of them are free: