The Bahá'í Studies Ring

Anyone with a web page, or site, which focuses on Bahá'í studies is invited to join the Bahá'í Studies Ring. If you operate a more general interest Bahá'í-focused site, you might consider submitting it to the Bahá'í Ring instead (operated by the same ring manager).

To join the Bahá'í Studies Ring, visit this page.

Please make sure that you register the precise page which will contain the Bahá'í Studies Ring code. If you have a framed site, or the WebRing bar would not fit well on your main page, we would suggest creating a separate page for your WebRing(s) with a link to the main page.

You will then be in the queue, but still not quite a member. You will shortly receive an email message with the code you will need to copy to your page. At that time, the ring manager will be automatically notified that your site has been added to the queue.

Please note: the Bahá'í Studies Ring is on auto-management. In practical terms, this means you need to register the precise page on which you will place the WebRing code.

If the WebRing robot, in one of its regular scans of the ring sites, detects the absence of the code, it will suspend your site from the Ring. After you add the code, the robot will, during its next sweep, automatically re-activate your site.

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