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  • My office phone and voice mail number, in the Kansas City area, is 1-913-469-8500, ext.3376.

  • My office fax number is 1-913-469-2589. If students need to fax me, they should, after notifying me in advance, use this number, not the number given below.

  • My personal fax-only number is 1-435-304-4406.

I can currently be most reliably paged using either PalTalk (dialectix) or Skype (drfosternotfromgloucester). You can also phone me, as drfosternotfromgloucester, using Skype.

For additional email, voice mail, and snail mail information, please go to this page. Or visit the main page of the website.

Using ICQ, you can either ICQ-Page me (ICQ #2487790) or EmailExpress me directly from this page. My nickname is Ockhamist. No software, other than your web browser (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer), is needed.

In both cases, your message will be instantly delivered to me. If I am online, it will pop-up on my screen. If I am offline, it will be stored and forwarded to me just as soon as I reconnect to the Internet. You can also search the ICQ numbers of other users and page them.

Additionally, the ICQ number for my chat room is 2522004. If you are a member of the Bahá'í Faith, you may add yourself to the Bahá'í ICQ Users List. And click here for the Bahá'íStudies.NETwork ICQ Interest Group.

Real Name:
Mark A. Foster
I will get back
with you ASAP!

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With MSN Messenger, you can page me at my account name, mrhologram.

With PalTalk, you can page me at dialectix.

With AOL Instant Messenger (or using the instant messaging feature, if you are a member of America Online), you can page and chat with me while I am online. My account (screen) name is Realityman.

Although you do not need to be an America Online member to use AOL Instant Messenger, you must download the software from their web site. They will provide you with complete instructions. Using the first remote, you can page me using my screen name Realityman. With the second, you can page me at Markalanfoster.

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Yahoo! Messenger is also free. You can page me at Dialectix.

Yahoo! Messenger

You can page me with Odigo My user name is mfoster.

You can voice page me with Skype at drfosternotfromgloucester.

You can chat with me using Excite Private Messenger. My user name is m-foster1.

With Google Talk, I am drfosternotfromgloucester.

With Jabber/XMPP, I am also drfosternotfromgloucester.

Crafted by Mark Foster, Ph.D.