Focusing on the Shire of Cum an Iolair in
The Society for Creative Anachronism
(Southern Johnson and Miami Counties, Kansas)


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Kansas City (Jackson and Wyandotte Counties), Olathe (Johnson County), Kansas, and Other Weather

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Weather for the Places I Have Lived

Click for Olathe, Kansas, Forecast
Click for Macon, Georgia, Forecast
Click for Wise, Virginia, Forecast
Click for Starkville, Mississippi, Forecast
Click for White Plains, New York, Forecast
Click for Athens, Georgia, Forecast
Click for Levittown, New York ,Forecast
Click for Bayside, New York, Forecast
Click for Bronx, New York, Forecast

Weather for Some of My Favorite Places

Click for New York, New York, Forecast
Click for Orlando, Florida, Forecast
Click for London, United Kingdom, Forecast
Click for Monroe Township, New Jersey, Forecast

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