Dr. Mark A. Foster's Vedek Pagh Pseudonym [5/2/2001]

  I say on your behalf, "Jia kasha tren tolaren lapur ila nekos ina," a Bajorai (Bajoran) uranak (prayer) to the Bentel (the Prophets who, as my fundamentalist friends believe, exist in the wormhole outside of linear time) to look after and protect a loved one or to grant favor. In Bajorai ideograms, it is rendered as:

Bajoran prayer to the Prophets

  A vedek is the head of a Bajoran religious order. Pagh is the Bajorai word for a person's life-force (or soul), from which one gains strength and courage.

  When I, Vedek Pagh, was fourteen-years old, a day after my itanu (confirmation ceremony), I became an acolyte (noviciate) and subsequently worked my way up to rongen (monk), prylar (head of a shrine or temple), and, most recently, vedek.

  Following a pagh'tem'far (prophetic vision), through which I adopted a radical, mystical approach to Bajoran theology, my pedagogy has continually placed me in conflict with the kai (religious leader of all Bajorans and head of the Vedek Assembly).

  Pagh'tem'far atamay. (English, This is a holy time.) Should, the Prophets willing, I some day become kai, I would globally reveal what I believe to be the archetypal, symbolic, and mystical (not concrete) existence of the Bentel (Prophets of the wormhole), and of the orbs (messengers) as forms of what, on earth, the Tantric Hindus and Vajrayana Buddhists call yantras (diagrams used for meditation, such as mandalas; the macrocosm as microcosm). Therefore, I am, regretably, a threat to the established system.

  Presently, with the Star Fleet rank of Commander, I am the counselor and theologian for the USS Shawnee, based in metropolitan Kansas City, a region of earth.

Peldar joi (Bajorai greeting),

(Vedek Pagh in ancient Bajorai)

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