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  • The Sociology Ring, a service of, was created in order to network the growing number of web pages and sites devoted to the profession. Academic and clinical sociologists, graduate and undergraduate students, and others have already joined the ring.

    Please note: Pages which contain so-called "adult" content (or which link to pages that do) will not be added to the ring.

    The first step in joining the ring is getting added to the queue. You can do so by going to this page.

    You will then be in the queue, but still not quite a member.

    The ring maintainer (me) will be automatically notified that you are in the queue and, before adding your site to the ring, will visit in order to determine whether the WebRing code has been added to the page you submitted (and that your site has some sociological relevance). The code will be emailed to you.

    Please note: Due to the large size of the Sociology Ring, I have placed it on auto-management. In practical terms, this means you need to register the precise page on which you will place the WebRing code.

    If the WebRing robot, in one of its regular scans of the ring sites, detects the absence of the code, it will suspend your site from the Sociology Ring. After you add the code, the robot will, during its next sweep, automatically re-activate your site.

    If you have a framed site, or the WebRing bar would not fit well on your main page, I would suggest creating a separate page for your WebRing(s) with a link back to your site's main page.

    Have you lost your WebRing ID? Go here.

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