Dr. Mark A. Foster's Guide to Tabling Your Web Page

Designing a Custom Table

This interactive guide has been designed to teach web designers the attributes of the <TABLE> tag. It allows the user to modify these attributes and then to see the immediate effects on an example table (displayed in the bottom frame).
Align (table):
Left None Right
Border Width in Pixels:
0 1 2 5 10 15
Cellpadding: Cellspacing:
ALIGN (cells):
Left Center Right
VALIGN (cells):
Top Center Bottom
The following features correspond to bottom frame:

List of known bugs

  • Both align or valign don't always work for table cells. You must specify enough rows and columns to make the numbers printed in the table at least two digits.
  • When the window is resized or the page is re-loaded, you must click on the 'Draw this table!' button to re-format the bottom frame per the attributes shown.
  • Convert Excel data into HTML tables (another online utility)

  • The TABLE Element

  • Using tables

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