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Emancipated Autism
Sociologist • Advocacy Journalist • Historian
Emancipation through Unity

Welcome. Please read a brief definition of Autism and Emancipated Autism. To contact me, visit my social networking website.

I am a tenured full Professor of Sociology (Ph.D in sociology and history, M.A. in sociology, B.A. in journalism, and Associates in English). My teaching and self-advocacy are based upon sociology (religion, clinical, and Marxian social theory), advocacy journalism, and history.

As a diagnosed Autist (originally, ASD 2), life’s successes have been no greater than its challenges. Today, as a public sociologist, I am an Autistic community organizer and spiritual activist through The Emancipated Autism Project. When asked, I am an Autism lecturer and mentor. I honor my Best Beloved Lord, Baháʼuʼlláh, as the Supreme Prophet manifested by the Unity of God.

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