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Mark A. Foster, PhD, MA, ABJ, AA, sociologist & journalist
"Lifeworlds are the structurizations of wills."

G This site explores Structurization Theory™, a conflict perspective, and its research methodologies. It is the nominalist, particularist, and terminist framework for The MarkFoster.NETwork™, a sociology project in online media.

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bullet Structurization Theory
An Introduction

bullet An Anti-Terrorist Manifesto
A Sociological Praxis in Structurization Theory

bullet Sociology Project in Online Media

bullet The Captain's Personal bLog
Lifeworlds are the Structurizations of Wills

bullet Musings of a Structurizationist
A Blog

bullet A Short Essay on Structurization Theory
Some of the Basics

bullet The Framework of Structurization Theory
The Theory in Depth

bullet The FlagshipSite
Research & Publications Hub for Online Media Project
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