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Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., M.A., A.B.J., A.A., sociologist & journalist
Lifeworlds are the structurizations of wills

G and welcome. The Structurization Institute™ is an independent research, promotional, and learning agency of The MarkFoster.NETwork™, a sociology project in both synchronous and asynchronous online media utilization. The nonexclusive focus of MF.N™ is on religious studies.

This institute was established for The Structurization Paradigm™, a nominalist-cum-particularist, Via Moderna, Ockhamist perspective on constructionism. Structurization Theory™, Structurization Tech™, Structurization Therapy™, Structurization Theism™, Structurization Spirit™, and Structurization Praxis™ have been consolidated under the paradigm.

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The Structurization Institute, The Structurization Paradigm (SParadigm), Structurization Theory (STheory), Structurization Theism (STheism), Structurization Tech (STech), Structurization Tech Coaching (STech Coaching), Structurization Tech Coach (STech Coach), Structurization Therapy (STherapy), Structurization Spirit (SSpirit), and Structurization Praxis (SPraxis) are trademarks of The MarkFoster.NETwork.
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