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Founding Director, Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., sociologist & journalist

 G and welcome. The Structurization Institute™ is an independent research, promotional, intellectual, and learning agency of The MarkFoster.NETwork™, a sociology project in synchronous and asynchronous online media utilization. Substantively, the concerns of MF.N™ are, in part, religion, journalism, and sociological practice. You are invited to join the think tank and add yourself to the group map.

 Framed by the institute's Structurization Paradigm™, a perspective on constructionism, structurizations (names) are, when seen through a tiered relativism™, contingent on divine and personal volitions (sola voluntas™), are accommodated due to dominance, utility, or both, and can, via God's Will and human wills, be destructurized (deconstructed or "denamed"). The paradigm, in it's basics, selectively admixes two variably nominalist-cum-particularist categories:

  1. the Via Moderna (including a relativity to divine Will) of William of Ockham, Robert Holkot, Gregory of Rimini, Gabriel Biel, Pierre d'Ailly, Jean Gerson, John Buridan, Martin Luther, Roscelin (predecessor), etc.
  2. postist thought (including a relativity to human wills), as from Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Richard Rorty, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Jean-François Lyotard, Thomas Kuhn, and Aleister Crowley
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