Shaykh Moshe Aron ben Heshel's Garden of Mysteries (closest found on server)


O thou who art in search after peace and contentment!

Salám-Shalom and a warm welcome to this blessed garden on the web.

Beloved, shouldst thou animate thy fingers at this spot, haply thou wouldst be transported to the page from which thou mayest access the sites and domains of this worthless one's alter ego.

And shouldst thou scurry here instead, thou wouldst find thyself at this servant's Structural Dialectics Paradigm Site. Out of this refuge doth circumambulate most of his pages on the web.

If thou dost inquire as to the duties of this lowly and insignificant shaykh, know thou that he, in the 'ishráqí (illuminationist) and 'irfání (gnostic) traditions, is pír and murshíd of The Universal Taríqat (Path) of Unity in Diversity. Our essential doctrine is the Manifestation and emanation of the One in the many.

This rightly guided order has been devoted to explorations of qur'ánic and qabalistic wisdom. And its verities have been presented in the metaphor of Neoplatonic idealism.

Our methodology hath been to query into the sciences of spirit and form. Then, through their progressive and disciplined application, we have endeavored to draw nigh to the exalted Presence of Alláh-Elohím.

The shaykh himself, the scion of German Hebraic parentage and an Ashkenazic rabbi while still in Middle Europe, hastened to the lands of the Sephardim, Arabs, Turks, and Persians and became a student at the threshold of Shaykh 'Ibn Arabí's and Mullá Sadrá's teachings.

Perchance thou wishest to gaze upon the shaykh's business site? Then, O friend, hasten ye to this parchment in air.

Salutations be upon thee!

Your servant,


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