Tablets of Allegiance

O, ye dear one! Yea, verily, if thou art attracted to ʾal•Ṭarīqa ʾal•Wāḥidāt (Arabic, الطَرِيقَة الوَاحِدَات, the Path of Unities), art drawn to its methodology of ʾal•Wāḥidāt (Arabic, الوَاحِدَات, the Unities), and dost desire to become a Wāḥidātiyy (Arabic, الوَاحِدَاتِيّ, follower of the Unities), then ʾal•Ḥam°du li•Llꞌahi! (Arabic, سُبْحَان الله!, everyone and everything remains immersed in ʾAl•llꞌah!). Shouldst thou be blessed with a open mind and an excellent character, please examine each of the treatises (Arabic, الأُطْرُوحَات, ʾal•⫯uṭْrūḥāt) listed below:

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This persona, though about Mark, is fiction. He is lower than the dust.
ʾal•Ṭarīqaẗ ʾal•Wāḥidāt™ is a parable about Unities of All Things™.
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