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Moše Ahărōn ben Heʿršʿel
al-Tarīqa al-Wāḥidāt
Annotated by Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. • Dedicated to Hadrat Sultan Bahu
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  • In the Name (hā-Šem) of G-d (Arabic, ﷲ, Allāh), the Most Gractious, the Most Merciful! Peace be upon thee (as-salāmu ʿālaykum), O devotee (yā murīd), from al-Ṭarīqa al-Wāḥidāt (Arabic, الطريقة الواحدات, the Path of Unities). Lo! In relation to the Will of G-d (al-Irādāt Allāh), and to the stations (al-maqāmāt) of thine own interests, thou shalt ascend this scroll of the ether (al-hawāʾ) unto each of the gates on high (al-abwāb al-aʿlā). G-d is Most Great (Allāhu Akbar)! The keys to the gates (al-mafātīḥ al-abwāb) are on top.
  • O wayfarer (Yā sabīl) of the Almighty (hā-ʾĔlōhîm) through His most wondrous Names and Attributes (al-Asmāʾ waʾl-Ṣifāt)! Enter by the gate (al-bāb) to the Tablets of Allegiance (al-Alwāḥ al-Bayʿah). In the Arabic tongue, al-bayʿah, one’s sworn fealty, hath been clothed in the saying, “Take ye the hand of an elder (šayh or shaykh).” Yea, he, verily, is a guide (al-muršid), across the valleys (al-audiya), to the death of the willful self (al-fanāʾ al-nafs al-ammāra). Amen (ʾĀmīn).
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Ṭarīqaẗ ʾal•Wāḥidāt™ & Mōšẹh ʾẠhărōn hạ•Lēwiy bẹn Hẹʿrəšẹʿl (a medieval “Jewfi”) are parables of, respectively, Unities of All Things™ & Dr. Mark A. Foster.
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