Sociological Practice


• Careers in Clinical Sociology. Page 2.
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American Sociological Association.

What is sociological practice?” The application of sociological knowledge, including theory, methods, and skills, has been identified as sociological practice. Within the field of sociological practice there are two distinct types of practice – clinical and applied.... The applied sociologist is a research specialist who produces information that is useful in resolving problems in government, industry and other practice settings .... In contrast, clinical sociology is the application of the sociological perspective to facilitate change. The clinical sociologist is primarily a change agent who is immersed in the client’s social world. The two approaches, clinical sociology and applied sociology, may be seen as complementary ....

What is Applied and Clinical Sociology.
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Sociological practice is a more general term for both Applied and Clinical Sociology.

Section on Sociological Practice and Public
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The purpose of the Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology is to advance sociologically-informed research and practice, to further public discussion of sociological issues, and to promote the use of sociology to inform public policy.

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We will use the term applied sociology throughout this book. We wish it were that simple. Modern sociologists use a variety of terms when they talk about actually applying their discipline. Some sociologists who use the discipline for the purpose of diagnosing and measuring intervention call what they are doing “clinical sociology.” Others suggest that sociological practice  is a better term, because it is a term that denotes both clinical and applied. Knowing these different terms for applied sociology should help you when you read other sociological material.

Commission on the Accreditation of
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The Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology (CAPACS) seeks to develop, promote, and support quality sociological education and practice through the accreditation of bachelor’s and master’s programs in applied sociology, clinical sociology, sociological practice, and public sociology.

Standards for Applied Sociology,
  Clinical Sociology, Public Sociology and
  Sociological Practice Programs at the
  Doctoral Level
• Commission on the Accreditation of
  Programs in Clinical and Applied

Throughout this document, sociological practice will be used as the umbrella term that encompasses applied, clinical, professional, and public sociology.

Although applied sociology and clinical sociology are the two major types of sociological practice, the Commission recognizes that training and education in sociological practice occurs in many different types of institutions and may be called by many different names.