His Holiness R. A. Gohar Shahi
The Religion of God

وَرَأَيْتَ النَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ أَفْوَاجاً (القران)
Surely, You shall see flocks of Human races enter the Religion of God. (Qur’an)
The Religion of God

 The Concealed Secrets of God
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 Convey this Holy Scripture to righteous, fair-minded people and those in search for God .
Hypocrite (Predestined) will attempt to destroy it.
Many people have tried to tamper with the Original TEXT of the Divine Scripture only seek the Copy Released by Mehdi Foundation International.
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It is a very responsible thing to translate the Holy Scripture from its original language into modern speech. Translating the Holy Scripture means rendering into another language the thoughts and sayings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi.
The Holy Scripture “Religion of God” is a long awaited and divine medicine for the restive hearts and dormant souls. The fundamental concept of the book is Divine Love. Love for all and hatred for none.

The translator of the Holy Scripture, Mir Liaquat Ali (of United States of America), whose fear and love of Divine Author (His Holiness Gohar Shahi) of the Holy Scripture, feels towards Him a special responsibility to transmit his thoughts and declarations as accurately as possible. Mir Liaquat Ali also feels a responsibility towards the searching readers who depend upon a translation of the inspired word for their everlasting salvation and enlightenment. The reader of this Holy Scripture will realize that these teachings benefit all human beings. It will spring hope from human breast for an eternal life. It will also help you judge the personality of the Author and His Manifestation.

The appearance of the Images of His Holiness on the Moon, the Sun, the Mars and various other places, have already been verified by many organizations. It also signifies His Grandeur and Majesty.
People belonging to different religions and faiths, having enlightened through His spiritual Grace, and having found His images on the Moon, the Sun, the Mars, in Temples, in Hajre Aswad (Muslims sacred place in Mecca), have known Him to be the Promised Messiah, the Awaited Mehdi and Kalki Avatar.

We are very happy and satisfied to present this Divine Gift to the aspiring hearts. This book is also available online at www.goharshahi.com

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After the Images of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, appearing in the Holy Black Stone in Mecca, the Moon, the Sun, and Shiv Temple and at various locations, Muslims and non-Muslims think and believe His Holiness to be the Awaited Mehdi  Kalki Avatar and the Messiah. Many religious books foretell His advent.

We invite you to examine Him. For research, please contact us. You may also recognize him through His Books.

Mohammad Younus AlGohar
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His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi

This is the Gohar Shahi, who spent three years in a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Sehwan and Lal Bagh for the prosperity of Divine. His Holiness shunned the world for Union with God. Then by the Command of God only He returned to the world.
He enlightened the hearts of thousands of people with the invocation of God, and inspired a large number of people towards Divine Love. Members of all faiths and religions invited His Holiness for lectures on spirituality to their places of worship mosques, temples, and churches in order to acquire the teachings of heart-invocation.
He enlightened the hearts of thousands of people with the invocation of God, and inspired a large number of people towards Divine Love. A large number of men and women repented and gave up sinful deeds, and inclined towards God. His Holiness cured numerous people with incurable diseases through His spiritual healing.

Then, God manifested His Face on the Moon. Later His Image appeared in the Holy Black Stone (now fitted in, Kaa'ba, Mecca). His fame spread in the four corners of the globe. Mullahs, deprived of the spiritual insight, and those Muslims who begrudge saints, disapproved of His Holiness Gohar Shahi. Misusing the writings in His Books they issued verdicts of disbelief and death against his Holiness Gohar Shahi. They threw a petrol bomb at His residence in Manchester, and they once threw a hand grenade on Him while He was addressing a spiritual gathering in Kotri, Pakistan. A huge amount of money was set aside as a bounty on His Head.
In Pakistan, they instigated against His Holiness five false cases, very sensitive in nature. Due to Nawaz Shareef, the former prime minister of Pakistan, the Provincial Government of Sind also became involved. Of those cases, two consist of murder, one of possession of illegal arms and another of illegal possession of land. They also caused to register a case of illegal detainment of a woman in America. Yellow journalism left no stone unturned in trying to defame and dishonour him. Finally, after hearing and thorough investigation, acquitted all the cases declaring them false. The God  thus continued to save His friend from all calamities.


Report of the cases instigated against His Holiness Gohar Shahi,
by Sindh High Court

High Court Report Page1

High Court Report Page2

High Court Report Page3

High Court Report Page4

His Holiness Gohar Shahi continues to be trapped in false cases due to sectarianism

Failure to the previous false cases, the Satans (Mullah’s) instigated yet another false and logical case of (PPC-295, claiming to be a Prophet), against His Holiness Gohar Shahi. The Mullah’s also achieved the favour of the elite of the Government. Even Rafique Tarar, the former President of Pakistan became partial due to sectarian bias. As a result, being under pressure the judge of Anti-Terrorist Court announced the verdict against His Holiness Gohar Shahi. God willing, this false case will be acquitted in either High Court or Supreme Court.


Introduction by

  1. The religions which are established through heavenly Books are authentic as long as they were not altered.
  2. Religions, the Boats and the Scholars are like navigators. If either one is defective, it is impossible to reach the destination; however, the Saints do take even the damaged 'boats' safely to the shore. People with religious incapacity flock around the Saints for this reason.
  3. Superior to religion is the Love of God  which is the Essence of all religions, whereas the Light of God is an Illuminating Guide  in the way.
  4. Three segments of the knowledge of the Outer, and one segment of the knowledge of the Inner is to be traced that was spread by Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj). Divine Love alone is the Way for Nearness to God . Dogs are better than an individual whose heart is empty of God , as dogs love their master, and by love alone they achieve the nearness of their master, otherwise an `unclean` dog and a Divinely Ordained human cannot be compared.
  5. If you desire the Paradise and the virgins of the Paradise, worship a lot to reach the highest of the Heavens.
  6. However, if you are in search of God , you must learn spirituality also, so that while staying on the established Divine passage, you may obtain Union with God .


Man from the Beginning to the End

When God willed to make the souls, He said, “Be” (Amar-e-Kun), and incomputable souls came into existence. In front of God and near Him, were the souls of the prophets. In the second row, were the souls of the saints and in third row, the souls of the believers; and behind them were the souls of ordinary human beings. Thereafter, the souls of women came into being beyond the eye could see. Then behind them, appeared animal spirits, then the Botanical Spirits, and then such the Mineral Spirits that did not possess any strength of movement.
On the right side of God, there were the souls of the angels, followed by the souls of the virgins of the Paradise. They were unable to see the Face of the Lord. This is why the Angles were also unable to see the Lord. Behind them, were the souls of Muakkel (angel-like creature), which later came into the world in order to assist prophets and the saints. On the left side of God , were the souls of the jinns, followed by infernal spirits, and then evil spirits, which aided the Satan in his work after coming into the world.
The souls on the right and the left side, and those beyond the eyesight could not see the Manifestation of the Lord (in the primordial time, (Azal) the time when souls were created).
For this reason, jinns, the angels, and women can talk to the Lord but they cannot see Him.
There was a fireball in the Terrestrial Sphere. It was commanded it to cool; then its fragments spread in the space (forming our solar system); the Moon, the Mars, Jupiter, the Earth, and the stars are all its fragments; and the Sun is the remainder of the fireball. The Earth became all ashes. The Mineral Spirits (the spirits which bond and solidify atoms) were sent down to the Earth for consolidating it into stone. Then, the Botanical Spirits were sent down to sprout trees and plantation in the rocks. Thereafter, animals appeared from animal spirits coming to the Earth.
God did also ask all the souls, “Am I Your Lord?” All souls affirmed and prostrated (in response), meaning, the spirits of the rocks and the trees did prostrate too, as mentioned in a verse of the Holy Scripture: (وَالنَّجْمُ وَالشَّجَرُ يَسْجُدَانِ )
Then in order to test the souls, God made an illusionary world and its pleasures, and asked, if anyone is desirous of it (the world), go forth and obtain. A multitude of souls rushed forth towards the illusionary world turning their faces away from God. The Hell was written for them in their fate. Then, God showed a scene of the Paradise, which was better than the first sight and a place for the obedience and the servitude. Many souls leapt towards it, and the Paradise was written in their fate. Many souls were unable to make a decision, and they were then, suspended between the Lord (Rehman) and the Satan. These were the souls who became trapped in between (the two) after coming into the world, whoever gripped on them they became theirs.
Many souls remained beholding the Manifestation of God, without the desire of the world or the Paradise. God loved them, and they loved God. After coming into the world, such souls abandoned the (material) world for the sake of God, and made their abode in the jungles.
To serve the needs of the souls and for their pleasure, eighteen thousand types of creatures were brought in existence: six thousand in the Sea, six thousand on the Land and six thousand in the Air and Celestial Spheres.

Then God created seven types of the Paradise and seven types of the Hell.
The seven heavens are:
(Khuld, Daar-us-Salaam, Daar-ul-Qaraar, Adan, al-Mawa, Naeem and Firdaus.)
The seven hells are:
(Saqar, Saeer, Nutaa, Hutama, Jaheem, Jahanum and Hawia)

All the enumerated names are of Suryani language, the language in which God  addresses the Angels.
All religions believe that God may send whosoever He wishes to the Hell or to the Paradise. Had He sent any soul straight to the Hell (in the primordial time), it would have complained as to what crime it had committed? Then, God would say, you turned your face away from Me, and chose the world instead. The soul would say, “It was only a foolish decision, but not action.” Thus, the souls were sent into this world to settle the reasoning.
Adam, who is also known as Shankar Jee, his body was made from the clay of the Paradise. Besides the human soul, some other spiritual souls were placed in it. When the body of Adam was being made, the Satan spat (at him) in jealousy, and the saliva dropped at the navel point. The bacteria in the saliva entered his body. The Satan is from the nation of the jinns. It is mentioned in a Prophetic Tradition that when a human being is born, a satanic jinn is also born along with it. A body is mere a house of clay which inhabits sixteen creatures in it along with the whisperer (Khannas) beside which there are four other (spiritual) birds.
A matter emerged from the left rib of Adam in the form of a woman. A soul was then placed in it, which became Eve. Thereafter, Adam was expelled from the Heaven to Sri Lanka, and Eve descended at Jeddah. Through them, started the origin of the Asian race, continuing a gradual descent of remaining souls to the Earth. The religions were created as Schools for the education, training and the grading of the souls. According to their fate in the Beginning of the creation “The Day of Azal”, some souls remained in religions and others without a religion.
The predestined loving souls came in this world too, some came into the homes of the Muslims, and others were born into the homes of Hindus, yet others into the homes of the Sikhs, the Christians, etc. They exerted to search for God through their respective religion. This is the reason; the Elite in every religion adopted asceticism. Some people ascribe that asceticism is not in Islam; this belief is wrong; Prophet Mohammad too would go to the Cave of “Hira”. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khawaja Moeen-ud-Din Ajmeri, Data Ali Hajweri, Bari Imam, Baba Farid, Shahbaz Qalander etc, acquired the elevated spiritual status only after asceticism and the propagation of the religion occurred through them.


The Origin of Man in the World

Soon after a human cell settles in the womb, the Mineral Spirit arrives enabling the blood to gather. Then, the foetus grows in the womb with the Botanical Spirit. The animal spirit is inserted in the womb after four months through which the foetus moves in the womb. They are called “the Terrestrial spirits”. After birth, the human soul arrives along with other spiritual souls, which are called Celestial Soul.
If a child dies in the womb a few moments before birth, there is no funeral for it, as it was an animal. Should a child die a few moments after the birth, then, its funeral service is obligatory due to the arrival of human soul along with the spirit of the Self (the Ego) with its companion faculties settled at navel point. Due to the Botanical Spirit in the human beings, they develop inclination for flowers and trees.  If the Mineral Spirit is strong, the human prefers to live in the mountains. Due to the dominance of animal spirit, a fondness of animals and behaviour like that of animals develops. Nafs (a Satanic Jinn) resembles a dog in appearance. With its dominance human being develops a dog-like behaviour and affection for dogs. With the awakening of the soul of Qalb , a human become like an angel.
After death, the Celestial souls return to the Heaven, they (Celestial souls) are allotted to one particular body. Whereas the Terrestrial spirits including Nafs are left behind in this world. The Terrestrial spirits consecutively continue to transfer from one body into another and then into a third body because they are not related to the Day of Judgement. However, a purified Nafs, being in the graves, extend spiritual benevolence to masses, and they, by themselves also remain engaged in servitude. As Prophet Mohammad, on (the Night of Ascension) passed by the grave of Prophet Moses, and saw him engaged in worship in his grave. When Prophet Mohammad reached Celestial Sphere , he saw Prophet Moses was present there too. The dominant Nafs of wicked people join the Evil Forces for the survival. They harm people entering into their bodies. They are called Evil Spirits.
According to the Bible, Jesus used to cast out evil spirits (from those who were possessed). After death, the Terrestrial spirits and Nafs remain in this world, human souls either in ‘Il’liyeen or Sij’jeen and Lata'if (The Souls of the human breast), provided they are enlightened, they too go to ‘Il’liyeen, otherwise they (Lata’if) are wasted in the grave. On account of Nafs, human became impure.
As Bullhay Shah said, “It is Nafs which made us impure; otherwise we were not impure in the Beginning.”
To purify Nafs, the Books were descended, the Prophets and saints came. The Man was sometimes frightened from the Hell, and other times aroused with the greed of the Paradise. By austerities, worship, and fasting, the efforts were made to tame it, and managed to deserve the Paradise. Many people even managed to purify Nafs by virtue of Spiritual knowledge, and they became Friends of God .



The Mention of Nafs

It is a Satanic Bacterium; navel point is its abode. All the Prophets and Saints sought refuge from its mischief. Its diet is phosphorus and bad odour, which is also found in bones, coal and cow dung. All religions underlined the need for a thorough bathe after an intimate sexual intercourse because unpleasant odour releases through skin-pores during sexual activity. Drinks and the meat of animals with unpleasant odours are prohibited for human consumption.
All the souls in front of God up to and including the Mineral Spirits became acquainted and united with each other in the Beginning of the creation “The Day of Azal”. Due to the presence of the Mineral Spirit in their body, human beings made their houses with stones, and due to the presence of the Botanical Spirit in their body they made roof for the houses with wood of trees.  They benefited from the shades of the trees that also provided pure oxygen. The animal souls from rear, came into the world and became animals, which were made Lawful for human consumption. Birds of the same category were also made Lawful.
On the left side of God, jinns and evil spirits (auxiliary spirits that assist the interests of the Satan) were made, and behind them, were infernal spirits that became the enemies of God later on. The Animal spirits, botanical spirits, and the Mineral Spirits which appeared behind these infernal spirits antagonized humans. The Mineral Spirits of this category became coal and ash on arrival in this world, whose gases were harmful to humans. Dangerous and thorny vegetation and man-eating trees came into existence due to the Botanical Spirits of this category. Due to animal spirits of this category, (on the left side of God) man-eating animals and beasts came into being. Birds related to this category too, were declared Unlawful for human consumption due to their hostility towards human being, and whose recognition is that they eat their food by holding it with their claws. The right side souls were made as the workers, message-carrier and helpers for humans. Having endowed with most magnificence, human being was appointed as His vicegerent. It is now the human's accord, effort and fate either to accept vicegerency or to reject it.
Nafs leaves the body in dream, takes on the appearance of the person, and wanders in satanic gatherings of jinns. Nafs, along with the whisperer (Khannas ) which resembles an elephant, settles between the Nafs (at the navel) and Qalb (which is close to the heart), and collaborates with Nafs in misguiding human being. In addition, four Spiritual birds also cling to the four souls of the human breast in order to misguide human being, the cockerel clings itself to Qalb due to which lust dominates on Qalb. With the Invocation of Qalb, the cockerel become purified (martyr cockerel) to develop awareness for distinguishing the difference between the Lawful and the Unlawful. Qalb, in this state is called Qalb-e-Salim (the Secured Heart).
Attached to the Sirri (spiritual soul) is a crow, causing race for desire and with Khaffi (spiritual soul) is a peacock creating envy, and with Akhfa is a pigeon, which brings stinginess. Their nature compels greed and envy upon the souls of the human breast till the souls are not enlightened. It was these four birds, which were taken out of the body of Abraham, purified, and returned to his body. After death, the birds of the purified people make the trees their abode. Many people make birds-like voices after spending a few days in the jungles. These birds become acquainted with them, and become helpers in their common type of healings.

An important Anecdote

Nafs relates to the Satan.
All the five Souls of the human breast respectively relate to the five Grand Prophets. Anna relates to God.
Similarly, the body is related to Perfect Spiritual Guide.
Whichever soul is not connected to the one it is related to, is deprived of and indifferent to its spiritual benevolence.

1.  The Soul of Qalb
Its prophecy and knowledge was granted to Prophet Adam

The fleshy heart is called ‘Dil’ in Urdu and ‘Fawad’ in Arabic. The spiritual soul, attached with the heart is called, the Soul of Qalb. Prophet Adam received its prophecy and knowledge. Prophetic Tradition a heart is different from Qalb in nature. This world is known as Nasut (the Terrestrial realm). Besides this, there are other realms, such as Malakut (The realm of Angels), Ankabut  (The Realm of God's Throne), Jabrut (The Realm of Souls “Station of Gabriel”), Lahut (The realm of Nothingness), Wahdat (The Realm of Divine Unity) and Ahdiyat (the realm of Divine Oneness).
These Realms already existed before the explosion of the fireball in Terrestrial Realm of Nasut, and souls belonging to them also existed. The angels were created at the same time as souls were. But, The Archangels and the souls of the human breast (Lata'if) were already existent in these upper realms. Later on, many planets were inhabited by creatures in the Terrestrial realm. Some of these life forms were eradicated and some others are still waiting. The Archangels and the souls of the human breast (Lata'if) were created seventy thousand years before the command “BE”, related to souls. From these souls, Qalb was kept in the Station of Love. Verily! Through this soul of Qalb, a human may spiritually be connected with God. It serves like a telephone operator between God and a human being. It also serves as the recipient of Dalil (Reason) and Il'ham (Revelation).(Foot Note:-  A Dalil is always accompanied by Il'ham. Il'ham is not authentic, and if it is not accompanied by a Dalil)
The worship of the souls of the breast reaches the Empyrean of God through Qalb. However the Qalb by itself cannot go beyond the Realm of Malakut, its destination is Khuld.Within it, is its worship, and its method is to be found within the human skeleton. Those, deprived of its worship would regret (in the Heaven) because God said, “Whether the dwellers of the Paradise think they will be equal (in reward) with the Pious ones”? Because those with Enlightened Soul of Qalb, they would continue to be engaged in Dhikr Allah (remembrance of God) even in Paradise. (Foot note:- khuld is the lowest grade of the Paradise).
The physical worship ends at death. The Souls of the breast (of those) who did not empower and enlighten them with Divine Energy, they would either remain weakened in the grave or they may be wasted therein, whereas the enlightened and strong Lata'if (Souls of the breast) would enter the place of Il’liyeen After the Day of Judgement, when new substitute bodies would be given, these souls of the breast along with human soul enter the bodies of immortal saints who manage to have seen God whilst in Nasut. Those who taught their souls of the breast to engage in God-invocation in this world, would continue to perform the same hereafter. Their grade would continue to be elevated even hereafter and those who are blind by heart here in this world, they would continue to be the same even hereafter, as this world is designated to be the place of practice and they will be stagnant in hereafter.
Besides, the Christians and Jews, Hindu religion also affirm the existence of the souls of human breast. Hindu's know them of Shaktiyaan, while Muslims call them "Lata'if " . Qalb, is located two inches away towards left of the heart, it is yellow in colour. One feels yellowish light in eyes upon its awakening. Even many Aamil (The Practitioners of the Holy Scriptures who gain control over its secrets of usage) utilize the colours of the souls of the breast to cure the diseases.
Most people consider their heart to speaketh the truth. Why aren't they united in the truth if all the hearts speaketh the truth? A common human being possesses an immature heart (Qalb-e-Sanobar), and does not possess any awareness or correct understanding. Due to the dominance of Nafsand Khannas, or simplicity, this type of heart errs in judgement.
Relying on an immature heart is a folly. It gains awareness and intelligence between the right and wrong, as God-invocation revives the heart. At this stage, it is known as Qalb-e-Saleem (The Secured Heart). Thanks to abundance of God-invocation, its direction is steered towards God, it is now known as Qalb-e-Muneeb (The heart-Directed-towards God). Such a heart can ward a person off the vices; however, it lacks power of decision. When the theophanies (Tajalliyat) of God begin to fall on the heart, it is called Qalb-e-Shaheed (the Witnessing Heart).
A Prophetic Tradition relates, “Divine Merciful Sight falls upon impaired hearts and graves.” At this moment, undoubtedly, submit to whatever comes from heart, as Theophanies turn Nafs also into Mutma'inna (Divinely Content Self). God is then nearer to him than his jugular vein. Herewith does God declare: "I then become his tongue through which he speaks, and I then form his hands with which he grasps".


2. The Human Soul
Its prophecy and knowledge was granted to Prophet Abraham

The human Soul is on the right side of the breast. It is awakened by loud God-invocation and visualization of the Name of God 'Ya Allah'. Then, a vibration similar to the heartbeat is felt on the right side also. The Name ‘Ya Allah’ is invoked upon it. As this stage, two souls of the breast now start to engage in God-invocation, and this is higher in rank than the invocation of Qalb. The colour of Soul is dark red and it gains access to the Realm of Jabrut, the Place of Jibrael (Gabriel). Anger and rage serve as its neighbours, which turn into Majesty by Divine Heat.


3. The Soul of Sirri
Its Prophecy and knowledge was granted to Prophet Moses

This soul is from the centre towards the left of the breast. It is awakened by loud God-invocation and visualization of the Name of God. ‘Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum’. Its colour is white. Through Dreams and Spiritual Journey, it reaches to the Realm of Lahut. Now three Souls are invocating within a person and this is higher in rank than the other two.


4. The Soul of Khaffi
Its Prophecy and knowledge was granted to Prophet Jesus

This soul is from the centre towards the right of the breast. It too is taught the Name of God ‘Ya Wahid’ through loud God-invocation. Its colour is green. It reaches to the Realm of Wahdat (The Realm of Unity) Now, with the invocation of four souls of the breast, the rank (is) further elevated.


5. The Soul of Akhfa
Its Prophecy and knowledge was granted to Prophet Mohammed

This soul is located in the centre of the breast. The loud invocation of the Name of God ‘Ya Ahad’ is its intermediary. Its colour is violet. It too is related to that Veil of Wahdat behind which is the Throne of God.
The Esoteric knowledge of the five Spiritual Souls of the human breast was respectively granted to the five Grand Prophets. One-half knowledge of each soul of human breast reached from Prophets to the Saints. Thus, there became ten parts of it. Then, the Elite received the benevolence of this knowledge from the Saints.
The Knowledge of Zahir (Exoteric) worship by Body and affirmation by tongue relates to the Realm of Nasut (Terrestrial world) and Nafs, this is for ordinary type of human beings and this knowledge is contained in the Exoteric Book that has thirty parts. Ilm-e-Batin (the Knowledge of the Souls) was also revealed onto the prophets through Wahee (Revelation). This is the reason why it is also known as the Batini Qur’an (Inner-Scripture). Many chapters of the Qur’an were abrogated later. The reason for this was that at times Prophet Mohammed uttered involuntarily in common people, which was meant for the Elite only. Later on, this knowledge continued from the souls of the breast to the souls of the breast in chain of sainthood and now, this knowledge is being made available and common through Books.


6. The Soul of Anna

This soul is inside Head and is colourless. Its Elevation lies in the invocation of the Name of God, Ya Hu, and this is the only soul which having gained strength, appears before God without veils, and communes with Him. This is the place of God-Lovers. Besides this, some of the God's favourites are also conferred on them Special Spiritual Souls such as the Divine Body of (Tifle-e-Noori) and Sub-spirit of God, (Jussa-e-Tawfeeq Ilahi). Understanding such Elite is beyond the power of intellect.
Through the Soul of Anna, one can see God in a dream only.
Through Sub-Spirit of God, the bearer avails to see God only after a Muraqiba (Transcendental Projection).
The bearer of a Tifle-e-Nouri (Divine Body) avails to see God in the State of Consciousness (without dreams or spiritual projections). They are then known as the Divine Might in the world. It is then up to them whether to appoint aspirants onto the place of Mehmoud (the place of the soul of An'na, It is also known as Place of Mohammad's Reality, This is the place where Mohammad's Soul rests after serving his Time in the world) either through austerities or spiritual discipline or by a single glance.
The Sight of such Elite does not differentiate between Muslims, Kafir, dead or alive, all are equal. Just as the Single Glance (Spiritual Concentration) of the Saint of Baghdad, Abdul Qadir Jilani turned a thief into a saint "Qutub". Abu Bakar Hawari and Mangha Dakou were also granted Sainthood through a glance of such elite.
The five Rasul (The Grand Prophets) were respectively given the knowledge of the five souls of the breast (in sequence of their appearance), which helped Spirituality to advance continually. Whichever Soul you practice invocation with; you will be entitled to its relation with the Grand Prophet and respective Spiritual Grace. Whichever soul then comes under Divine Manifestation (Tajjali), its sainthood would relate to the Prophet of which the knowledge and prophecy was granted to. Access to the seven Realms and acquisition of different grades in seven Paradises is also related to the souls of the breast.


Function and deputation of Lata’if in Human Body

The Soul of Akhfa: It enables a human to speak; otherwise, even with a sound tongue, a human remains to be dumb. The difference between human beings and animals is because of the Lata'if. At the time of birth, if the soul of Akhfa, for some reason, fails to enter the body, then bringing it back into the body, the respective prophet was deputized, and then the dumb would start to speak.

The Soul of Sirri: The soul of Sirri enables a human to see. Its absence in the body leaves it to be a blind by birth. In order to bring it back into the body, the respective Prophet was deputized, and the blind would be enabled to see.

The Soul of Qalb:
Due to the absence of the Soul of Qalb in the Body, a human being remains to be unacquainted to God like that of an animal and he remains to be distant, indifferent and depressed. Returning this Soul into the body was the task of the Prophets also. The miracles of these Prophets were also granted to the Saints in the form of marvels, because of this, the impious ones and the transgressor reached the Lord. When the respective Soul is returned through any Saint or Prophet the deaf, the dumb and the blind are healed.

The Soul of Anna:
Its absence in the body leaves a human being to be mentally impaired, even though all the nerves of the brain function normally.

The Soul of Khaffi:
In the absence of the soul of Khaffi in the body, a human being is unable to hear, even if the holes of ears are wide-open. Physical defects may also bring forth such symptoms and it is curable. In the absence of the concerned soul, it is incurable unless favour from a respective Prophet is earned to cure it.

Nafs (The Ego):
Nafs directs a human heart towards world and its contents, and the soul of Qalb directs a human being towards God.


The Word of “Allah”

Angels commune with God in Suryani language. It is spoken in Celestial Realms. Adam Safi Allah spoke the same language whilst he was in the Heaven. Then Adam Safi Allah and his wife Hawwa, the Eve, upon their arrival into this world, made Arabian Peninsula their place of abode, their progeny would speak the same language. Then with the further growth of the Adam's progeny, Suryani language, through the passage of transformation of Arabic, Persian, and Latin, gave birth to English. Hence, Allah was called upon with different Names in assorted languages. Due to Adam residing in Arabia, many words of Suryani are still traced in Arabic Language. Just as Adam was called with the name, "Adam Safi Allah", Noah was called as Nouh Nabi Allah, Abraham was called as Ibraheem Khaleel Allah, Then Moses as Mousa Kaleem Allah, Jesus as Eesa Ruh-Allah, and Mohammed Rasul-Allah. All these words were written in Guarded Tablet in Suryani language well before these Prophets arrived into this world. No wonder! Mohammad declared that he was already a Prophet before his arrival into this world.

Some people are of the opinion that word Allah is a Muslim Name for God ; however, it is not true

Mohammad's father's name was Abd Allah in the pre-Islamic era. Before the introduction of Islam into this world, the Mottos of all Prophets included the Word," Allah”. After the creation of the souls, the first Word that came upon their tongue was also the Word, "Ya Allah". When Soul of Adam entered his body, it whispered Word," Ya Allah" upon the entry.  Most of the religions regard this Secretive Code as truthful, hence they use Word," Allah" for invocation, and many are deprived of its bounty because of doubts and reservations.

Any Name that points towards the Lord is worthy of respect.

Meaning, it directs towards Allah. But they differed due to the effects of the Names. According to the alphabetical order and standard of pronunciation, every character has a different numeric value. This is also a type of knowledge from Celestial Sphere. The whole of the creation falls under the impact of numeric value. On occasions, these numbers are not in total accordance with the calculation of the stars, as a result of which human beings are subject to worries. Many people acquire zodiac charts that are in accordance with the calculation of the stars, from the astrologists, before naming the babies. An arrangement of the letters of Arabic alphabet, for example: (ا،ب،ج،د ) (4,3,2,1), has the numerical value ten. Similarly, every name has a separate numeric value. God has been given so many different Names, causing a conflict among their numeric values. If all the people called upon God by the same Name, they would all be united inwardly despite different religions. Then like Nanak Sahib and Baba Farid would say: “All souls are created with Divine Energy; however, they fall into different vicinities and atmosphere.”
Angels that are appointed with a task into this world, they are taught the languages of the world. It is important for the followers of every Prophet that they chant the repetition of Kalima (the Motto) of their Prophet that was granted by the Lord to the Prophet at the time for the recognition, grace, and purification of his Nation. The entry of any person into any religion is subject to the declaration of Kalima (the Motto). Just as the marriage vows are a precondition, the entry into the Paradise is subject to the declaration of Kalima (Motto) " . But in the Western world, many Muslims and Christians are unaware of their Prophet’s Kalima or even their Prophet's original Name.
Those who recite the Motto by word of mouth require good deeds for salvation. Those who do not affirm the Motto, remain outside the Paradise, and those in whose hearts also did the motto enter, only they would enter the Paradise without divine examination. The Divinely Revealed Word (Scriptures) in whatever original language they are in, serve as a valid intermediary to reach God. When alteration and addition was made into the sentences and translations, then altered and modified books became harmful for faith, just as the modified flour is harmful for stomach, and how shamefully did the followers of the one Prophet and One Religion fall into divisions! In order to adopt the Siraat Al Mustaqeem (The established Divine Passage), you are better off finding guidance through Divine Energy (Noor).

The Method of producing Light , Divine Energy

In the ancient times, fire was obtained through rubbing the stones together. Rubbing of Iron objects together also produces a spark. Splashing of water also produces electricity. Similarly, in human beings the circulating blood, meaning the throbbing of heart produces electricity. One and half Watts of Electricity is recorded to be traced in a human body, due to which the human body gains agility. The electricity and agility is lessened in the old age because of the falling speed of throbs. Firstly, the heartbeats have to be made prominent. Some do it by dancing, others by sports and exercise, and yet others by meditating and chanting the Name of Allah.
As the beats of the heart gets faster, try to synchronize Allah Allah  with every beat or try to synchronize Allah  with one heartbeat and Hu with the other. Some times place your hand on the heart and by feeling your heartbeat, try to synchronize the Name Allah . At times, synchronize it with the beating (or rhythm) of the pulse, and visualize that Allah is entering into the Heart. The invocation of Allah Hu’’ is better and fast affective. If anyone has an objection on Hu or afraid of chanting Hu, then instead of depriving himself, they may synchronize Allah Allah   with vibrations. It is crucial for the aspirant in repetition, remembrance, and invocation to physically remain as clean as possible because the cleaner they are the better it is.

“Those who show respect, obtain the benevolence and those who don't remain deprived"
The first method of producing Light

Write Allah on a paper in black ink, and exercise this as long as you wish on a daily basis. One day, the Word ‘Allah will float over your eyes from the paper. Then, try transferring the Word Allah from eyes to the Heart through visualization.

The second method of producing Light

Write Allah on a zero watt white bulb in yellow colour. While you are awake or just before going to bed, try to absorb this Name into your eyes. When absorbed within the eyes, then transpose it to the heart.

The third method of producing Light

This method facilitates those people who have Rehbar-e-Kamil (Spiritually Accomplished Guide), who extends spiritual aid due to spiritual relation. Sitting in solitude, imagine that your index finger is a pen, try writing Allah on your Heart through visualisation. Call upon your Accomplished Spiritual Guide considering that he too is inscribing Allah on your heart holding your index finger. Perform this exercise daily till Word Allah is visibly inscribed on your heart.
In the fore-mentioned methods, Allah is inscribed in the style as similar to that is seen or written outside. When it begins to synchronize with the heartbeats, it gradually starts to glitter. As the assistance of the Accomplished Spiritual Guide is provided in this method, it is seen well written and shining on the Heart from the beginning.

Many Prophets and Saints visited this world. During the practice of invocation, to serve it as a test to visualize all Prophets turn by turn everyone, if you regard it to be appropriate. Your fate lies with the One upon visualization of whom you feel increase in heart invocation and Spiritual progress. Then pick that One for visualization, for every Saint walks in the spiritual foot-steps of a Prophet, even if the Prophet had departed from this world.

Fate of all believers lies with anyone from the Chain of Sainthood. The Saint must be living is conditional. However, occasionally someone by good fortune is granted Malakutee Faiz from the Saints who have departed from this world but it is confined to a certain limit; Verily! The Tombs of the departed saints may render mundane benevolence. It is known as Owaisee Faiz (obtained via Souls without meeting in person), and such aspirants often times fall in confusion with Spiritual Insight and Dreams, for the Guide directs from the Inner-World, and so does the Iblis. Recognition between the two becomes difficult.
Obtaining the concerned knowledge is necessary along with the spiritual benevolence; as such a living Saint is more appropriate. Should one possess spiritual benevolence but he does not possess the knowledge, such a person is known as an Ecstatic Saint (Majzoub). Spiritual Benevolence along with the concerned Knowledge forms a person to be a Divine Beloved (Mehboob). The Divine Beloved through the knowledge renders to the world spiritual benevolence as well as mundane benefits. Ecstatic Saints are recorded to render mundane benefits through obscene words and beating by the stick.

If none appears in your vision for your help, then let Gohar Shahi help you.

There are no restrictions for any religions; however, ill-fated ones shall not avail of anything. Many people are conferred the Heart-invocation from the Moon also. The method of which is as follows: When the full Moon is towards the East, look at it heedfully, as soon as you spot the picture of His Holiness Gohar Shahi on it,  verbally say Allah  thrice, consider the permission has been granted. Then without fear or danger from any side, commence the prescribed method. Verily! The Picture on the Moon has spoken to many people in all languages. Try talking to the picture as you come to see it.

Chapter of Muraqiba
(Transcendental Journey)

Many people try to engage in Muraqibah without awakening the Souls (Lata'if or Shaktiyan) and without attaining spiritual strength. They either fail to embark upon Spiritual Journey or they fall prey to evil distortion. Muraqibah is for the individuals who have attained the highest level in spirituality, those who managed to have mortified their Nafs and purified their hearts. Attempting to establish Muraqibah is an act of folly for the beginners of the path, regardless of the nature of worship used therewith. To collect and gather the strength of the Souls by Light, and then to travel to a place, is what is known as Muraqibah.

 Sainthood is the one-fortieth part of Prophet-hood
Every dream, spiritual journey, inspiration or revelation of a Prophet is truthful, it does not require verification. Only forty-out-of-hundred dreams, spiritual journeys, and inspirations of the Saints are accurate, and the rest are evil distortions. Inner-knowledge is required for its verification as
"God is not to be identified sans knowledge".

The lowest level of Muraqibah is established only after the awakening of the soul of Qalb is achieved, and that is impossible without invocation of heart. One shock brings the person back into consciousness. Istikharah (Seeking Divine help) also relates to the Souls of Qalb " . The next stage is Muraqibah with the Human soul. It takes three shocks to return. The third Muraqibah is established together with the combination of the human soul and the soul of Anna. The Human Soul, up to Jabaroot, travels along with the soul of Anna, just as Gabriel travelled along with Mohammad up to the Realm of Jabaroot. Whilst in Muraqibah, such people are deeply lost in that state that they remain unaware of their surroundings even if they are buried in a grave. 'Companions of the Cave' experienced such a Muraqibah, due to which they remained in the sleeping state for over a period of 300 years. Whenever Abdul Qadir Jilani, a Saint from Baghdad would occupy with such a Muraqibah in the Jungle, the thieves from the Jungle would bury him in a grave considering him dead. The Muraqibah would always break just before the burial.


Recognition of rare Inspiration and Revelation from God

As an individual obtains worthiness of receiving Divine Theophanies, following the enlightenment and awakening of the souls of the breast, at this stage, God converses with him. Ultimate Might is God; He can converse with Human beings through any means or method. However, he has introduced a unique method, in order to safeguard his Friends from falling prey to the evil deception.

Firstly, the text in Suryani language appears on the Seeker’s Heart together with its translation in his own language. The text is white and bright, and the eyes close involuntarily, and watch the text (internally). The text then passes through Qalb, and moves on to the Soul of Sirri as a result of which, it gets even brighter. Akhfa adds more brightness to it before it finally arrives to the tongue and the tongue spontaneously begins to read out the text. If this is an evil distortion an enlightened Heart would fade out the text, and if the text is powerful, then the Souls of Sirri or Akhfa efface this text. If supposedly due to the weakness in the souls of the breast, the text reaches on to the tongue, the tongue then stops it from utterance. 

This type of inspiration is reserved for the Elite, whereas to the ordinary types of saints, God sends message to them through the Angels or helping souls. When Gabriel accompanies the rare inspiration, it is known as Wahee (Revelation), which is confined to Prophet-hood.


Who is the Paradise for?

Some eternally Hell-bound people endeavour to earn the Paradise through good deeds and performance of worship, but in the end they become out-cast as was the Satan because they inherit Bukhal (Act of concealing the Truth), arrogance and envy.
There is a Prophetic Tradition, “The one, who has even the tiniest amount of Bukhal (Act of concealing the Truth), arrogance and envy, cannot enter the Paradise.”
Eternally The Paradise-bound people stand out from the rest even if they do not perform any type of worship. Such people are kind, pure, free of jealousy, envy, and generous. Such people may attain a higher level of faith should they engage in worship. Divine loops and pools are created for such people for their salvation. Some people stay suspended in-between and do have a continuing record of their good and bad deeds.
The God-favourites are those who loved God since the Beginning. They are carefree of the Hell or the Heaven; rather, they sacrifice all physical, material and internal belongings for God's Love. They manage to enlighten their souls with Divine Mercy and invocation. Moreover, they manage to witness the Divine-Glory. For such people alone, is reserved the Paradise of Firdous.

For category as such, the Prophet declares: "Some people would enter the Paradise without calculations".



Those, the scene of the world was shown to, the world was written in their fate. They, upon descent to the world, put their life on the stake in order to obtain the world (worldly gains), they even committed crimes as severe as robbery, bribery, usury, and they rejected even Divine-Unity. There were some souls among them, who opted for religion or worship to achieve the Paradise, but this turned out fruitless, as was the case of the Satan because some became blasphemous or a religion (or sect), disliked by God , became an obstruction in their way.

Those who opted for the Paradise they laid foremost priority on worship and austerities along with mundane chores. They rushed to the places of worship, motivated by the promises of the virgins of the Paradise and servants, so did they manage to earn the Paradise. Those who, from this category became lazy in regards to performance of worship, a Divine Concession earned them a place in the Paradise, as they were already Paradise-bound in fate; however, they could not achieve the ranks equal to those of the Pious ones in the Paradise. In this respect, God said, “Do these people understand that we would place them along with the pious ones?” (As there are seven grades of the Paradise). The guidance for the ordinary folks is through the Prophets, the Books, Gurus, and the Saints. They need to adopt a religion and a declaration of Faith, Motto (Kalima). The Elite come under the Graceful Sight of God without a Religion or a Book. In other words, the Light guides them. It is stated in the Scripture:

“Those that God chooses, guides with the Divine Light.”

It is said a Kalima (Motto) is a "must" for entry into the Paradise. Nay, bodies are not to, but the souls would enter the Paradise, the condition is, Kalima be declared upon entry into the Paradise. So, the souls may declare Kalima at anytime once they arrive at the Station of Witnessing Divine-Glory or they may do it after death, just as the Souls of Prophet Mohammed’s parents and uncle did the declaration of the Faith. Then, there are the Elect of the Elect, who declared and affirmed Kalima in Celestial Spheres before coming into the world.

Prophet Mohammad said, "I was already a Prophet even before coming into this world". They were the Words of the Soul (of the Prophet Mohammed) to the souls, as the body was given to Prophet Mohammed only after coming into the world. (An explanation of this is that) There are Leaders only if there are the Nations to be led, and there are Prophets only if there are Followers, otherwise there is no need as such.
Then such people (the Saints) are sent into different religions, some in the appearance of Baba Farid and others in the appearance of Guru Nanak. The Souls that are in search of God  do not look at the religions, rather they seek those who have access to God  and follow them. Ghause Ali Shah, a Saint, wrote in ‘Tazkira Ghausia’ that he even received the spiritual grace from Hindu ascetics. The Muslim Clerics failed to understand this subtlety, thus rendering a death penalty for Ghause Ali Shah. They advised Muslims if any household had his Book, it should be burnt; however, this book survived the time and is found in India and Pakistan, and is still popular and revered.

Some nations accepted Prophets, and others rejected them. To the Nations rejecting them, God nevertheless sent down the Guides according to their religion. They taught their nations the ways to save them from sins. The Guides tried to turn the direction of the followers towards the Lord through worship, rituals, and customs. They taught the lesson of peace and Love of the Lord. If they were not sent, then today every religion would be thirsty of each other’s blood. Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj), who knows the secret of every religion, guides such souls in the world.

Who is Taqwa (Piety) for?

Ilm-ul-Yaqin (Belief based upon knowledge): Such people are worldly, and base their belief on hearsay. They have certainty by way of knowledge. Their Faith is based on hearsay and they have the tendency of going astray. They obtain livelihood by making efforts, not through piety, which is either Halal (the Lawful) or Haram (the Unlawful).

Ain ul-Yaqin (Belief based upon observation): Though such people are called Hermits, they still keep interaction with the world. But, their direction and heart is towards the Lord. They are often shown Divine Visions. Their station is that of the Sight and the Vision. They earn by lawful means, and any thing unlawful hurts them.

Haq ul-Yaqin (Belief based upon Truth): Their Station is that of Divine Intermediary; God grants them a Rank, and they come under the Theophanies of God, and become indifferent to the world. Even living in the world, they refrain from both Lawful and Unlawful enterprises. If they were to go and sit in a jungle, God would provide for them there also. This is the Station of Piety. Although the beginners talk about piety, but they are not successful.


Taqdir (The Fate)

There are two types of Fate:

1) Azal (the Eternal or the one bound to happen)
2) Mu'allaq (Conditional or in Abeyance)
Some people inquire: Why need we make an effort for the sustenance when it is already written in the fate? Makhdoom Jahaniya replied, making efforts for obtaining the sustenance is also written in the fate.

For example: A flower vase has been placed for you on the roof (this is Taqdeer-e-Azal). In order to get the flower vase, you have to climb up through the stairs on to the roof (this is Moallaq), which is your choice. It is for this conditional part that there will be reckoning on the Day of Judgement, and not in relation to what was destined in Azal. When you would climb on to the roof, you would collect what was written down for you and would obtain your fate. If you were lazy, and did not get up to the roof, then you would be deprived of it. On the other hand, if someone else, in whose fate there is no flower vase, manages to get on to the roof by the stairs or by some considerable effort, then he would still be deprived of it.


The third category of the Soul

The third category of the souls, which chose neither the world nor the Paradise, only beheld the beatific Vision of the Lord. They sacrificed everything in search of the Lord after having come into the world. Many gave up their Kingdoms, and remained hungry and thirsty in the jungles in search of Him. Many spent many several years sitting in the rivers. After being successful, they were called Auliya Allah (the Friends of God). God assigned them to different positions and duties, and they became a remedy and a means of hope for those destined to the Hell.

Just as the famous poet Iqbal mentions in one of his poems: "That even the fate is altered by Graceful Glance of the Godly".
The Terrestrial Spirits are required to meet "Guru", Spiritual Guide physically in every life time, Guru of the previous life time or ancestral era become indifferent to the contemporary body. Just as a Prophecy is nullified after the arrival of a Grand Prophet. Just as Prophet Moses (Mus'a Kalim-Allah) was a Grand Prophet, and all the Prophets that came after Moses, their religions were abrogated on arrival of Grand Prophet Jesus (Is'a Ruh-Allah) and the Prophets that came in between Prophet Jesus (Is'sa Ruh-Allah), and Prophet Mohammed outside of Arabia were also abrogated on arrival of Prophet Mohammed. Yet, the validity of the religious system of every Grand Prophet continued, and still continues today. This includes Adam Safi-Allah,  (Adam), Ibrahim Khalil- Allah (Abraham), Mu'sa Kalim-Allah (Moses), Is'a Ruh-Allah (Jesus) and Mohammed Rasul-Allah and every Saint follows on the Spiritual Foot-steps of the Grand Prophet (Meaning receives the Divine Grace from their respective soul of the breast), Because all five "5" souls of the human breast are related to all five "5" Grand Prophets. On account of this, Spiritual Benevolence and Prophecy thereof, remains to be valid till the day of judgement.
The saying that of none would enter the Paradise without declaring the Motto means that the Motto may that be of any Prophet, not a specific Prophet only. The Gesture alludes to religion or motto of any of the Grand Prophets. "Verily" did Mohammad declare, "I have come to reform the alterations made therein, and not to reject any of Grand Prophets or their Books and Religion. The prophecy of Adam Safi-Allah still continues. That in possession of the heart-invocation, they weep in the Name of the Lord, observe humility, repent, and endeavour to avoid committing sins. That is the initial religion, initial Prophecy and initial form of worship.

Ghous (Divinely Appointed Helper to humanity in regards to spiritual reforms) or every saint's spiritual category is linked to one or the other Grand Prophet. Those who achieve the invocation of the heart follow the spiritual foot-step of Prophet Adam.

Mujaddid Alf Thani said, "I am on the Foot-Steps of Prophet Moses" (meaning I am the recipient of the Mosaic Benevolence). Those connected to Eessawee Mashreb, are known as Qalandar. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani was related to Mashreb-e-Mohammadee.


Ponder, from the Progeny of which Adam you belong to?

Records from many Holy Scriptures show that there came 14,000 persons of different Adams, and   somebody said that Adam Safi Allah is the fourteenth and last Adam. Verily, there have been many Adams to this world. As Adam Safi Allah was moulded with clay, the Angels tipped, pointing towards Adam, This too would cause mischief and strife in the world. The angels remarks show that they were already aware of the stories of the previously sent Adams, Had there not been more than just one Adam, they would not have a clue as to what God  was creating and how would he behave like upon its entry into the world?

The Inspired Scriptures, therein are recorded in writing different languages, different Mottos, Words, different codes of magic, Names of different persons of Allah , various verses and even the magic enchantment, which were taught to people by two Angels, Harut and Marut. Both the Angels are hanging upside down as punishment in a well in the city of Babul in Egypt. Every Adam was taught a language. Thereafter, the Prophets were sent in these nations for guidance. It has therefore been said that one hundred and twenty five thousand Prophets have come to the world. It is six thousand years now since Adam Safi Allah came to this world. Had a Prophet been sent every year to this world, the total number would not have exceeded six thousands. Some time later, these nations were destroyed due to their disobedience. Archaeological evidence found the ancient cities later along with the ancient languages, which are not understood by anyone. Some nations were drowned in flooding; others among them survived as Noah’s people did.   

Finally, Safi-Allah was sent to Arabia having been made better than others, and the Grand Prophets emerged in his progeny. Different languages of different Adams continued to be in practice among the surviving nations. When the last Adam descended, he was taught Suryani. When his descendants journeyed to distant Lands, they met with ancient nations. Some immigrants liked the new regions and fertile land, thus settling down with the ancient people. Suryani was the language of then-Arabia, later, as nations inter-mingled, it, through the literal passage of transformation of Persian, Latin, and Sanskrit, brought about English, the language. The descendants of different Adams lived in different islands. One of the Adams was a Gypsy, progeny of him exists to-date. Through them many other nations were discovered.

Nations that lived across the ocean were unaware of each other, and long voyage was not possible by horses or by paddled boats. Columbus was successful in inventing a machine-operated vessel, which made him the first man to set his foot on the region of America. At the shore, the people he saw were red, he gathered and said, “Perhaps I have arrived in India and they are Indian.” This is why this nation is known to be Red-Indians who inhibit the state of North Dakota, USA. When the Chief of the Red-Indian Tribe was asked as to who his Adam in particular is? He replied, "According to our religion, our Adam is from Asia whose wife is Hawwa, (Eve); however, our History reveals that our Adam came out from a mountain in South Dakota, USA. The mountain place is marked even now. 

It is a common supposition that English and American are white-skinned because of the cold weather in their region, but it is not true. Ancient lineage of dark complexion Adam still exists in the same region which could not develop fair complexion till date. Therefore, this is the reason that the colour, the appearance, the temperament, the intellect, the languages and the diet of human beings differ. The lineage of Adam Safi Allah’s progeny remained to be confined to the region of Central Asia; this is why the people of Central Asia are alike in appearance. Adam Safi-Allah (Shankar Ji) is reported to have descended in Sri Lanka. He migrated to Arabia and settled there, and this is where his grave is. Then who discovered his descent and footprints in Sri Lanka, It is still preserved till date. It proves that a tribe pre-existed prior to his descent.

The Prophet-hood and Sainthood ceased upon the nations that were terminated. The survivors, being deprived of these spiritual dignitaries, went astray some time later. As these lands were gradually discovered, the Saints from Asia reached there, and taught the locals their respective religions. Today, the Asian religions have spread in all regions. Jesus from Jerusalem, Moses from Bethlehem, Mohammad from Mecca, Noah and Abraham also were from Arabia.

Some nations were destroyed by torments, and others were transfigured into bears and apes. Some survivors inclined towards the Lord out of fear; but others got disgusted regarding the Lord as al-Qahhar (the Penalizer). They disobeyed any Command of God, and started to say, “There is no such thing as the Lord, and the human being is an insect, and the Paradise and the Hell are just the figments of the imagination.” At the time of Moses, the Nation, transfigured into apes, headed towards Europe. The pregnant women at the time, turned apes gave birth to human babies. That nation still exists today. They admit that they are descendants of the apes.

The nation that transfigured into bears, headed towards the jungles of Africa. The pregnant women at the time were carrying human babies, and their race survived. They are known as Mamm. They have long hair on their bodies; their majority is female; they also kidnap people. The religion fails to influence them, but they conceal their private parts with leaves due to their human nature. Another Adam was punished for a thousand years for some mistake. He was transfigured into a snake. His survivors still live in the form of a special type of snake. A thousand years after birth, it can transfigure into a human being also, and is called Ruha.

History states that Alexander the Great passed through a jungle for hunting, and noticed a beautiful woman crying. When asked, she informed she was the princess of China, and she set off on hunting along with her husband, when a lion attacked, and ate her husband, and that she was left alone. Alexander suggested, "come with me, I would send you back to China". The woman said that her husband died, and how would save her skin on her return to China. Alexander brought her home and married her.

A few months later, Alexander complained of pain in his stomach. He tried every cure for it but to no avail. His illness worsened, and the physicians were helpless. A snake charmer also came to treat him. He spoke to Alexander in private, and said to him, “I can treat you, but I have a few conditions. If I fail to cure you in few a days, you may get me killed. Tonight, have a dish of pulse and rice made with plentiful salt in it, and you and your wife should eat plenty of it. Lock your room from inside so that neither of you could leave the room. You should not sleep but you must make your wife believe that you are asleep. Make sure there is not a drop of water in the room.” Alexander did as he was instructed. During the night, his wife became thirsty, and found out that there was no water in the pot. She then tried to open the door, and found it locked. She looked at her husband, and felt that he was fast asleep. She then transfigured into a snake, went out through a hole, drank some water, returned in the form of a snake, and then transfigured back into a woman. Alexander was watching all this event unfolding. In the morning, he relayed all the details to the snake charmer, who told Alexander that his wife was a female serpent, which transfigures after a thousand years, and that her poison was the cause of the pain in his stomach. Then, this woman was then taken to the sea pretending they were going on excursion, and the sign, where she was thrown, still exists today, and is called the ‘Barrier of Alexander’. Their race still exists in the world. Ordinary snakes do not have ears but snakes transfigured from human beings do have ears.

Tribe of an unknown Adam is confined to the mountains of China. Dhul-Qarnain built stone-wall to prevent them from entering this region. They have very long ears. They spread one beneath them, and cover themselves with the other. They are known as Gog Magog. Science has discovered many regions. There remains still a lot to be discovered. Eskimos (a kind of human beings who inhibit the circumpolar region) live behind the mountains of Himalayas. Some other kind of human beings also live in forests, Nobody, for except them, knows the language they speak. They also, worship according to the principles taught by their Adam. In their Tribal System, they also have Principles of Life and Code of conduct. Apart from these continents, there are many more Earth viz. the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, etc. Adams were sent into those worlds also. However, the final hour (Qayamah) has already stricken those worlds. The supply of Oxygen was discontinued in some of them, and others were completely wiped out from the map.


Human life (presence) still exists in the Mars
Whereas fiery creatures inhabits the Sun also.

"The World of Mars", people belonging to all religions inhabit the Mars. Our scientists could not reach the Mars yet, whereas the Martians have been to our world many times, they have taken many of human beings for experiment. Their Knowledge of Science and Inventions are well-advanced and more ahead than that of ours. In case, our space-shuttle and Scientists reach there, they would not manage to escape from their defence system (grasp).

God granted profuse knowledge to one of the many Adams. Progeny of the Adam, through the knowledge made it to arrive at Bait-Al Mamoor (Place of Dispensing the Divine Duties). Being on the Earth, They would hear the Divine Commands addressed to the Angels. One day, the Angels complained to God, " This nation interferes with our affairs now, as we, in the world begin to carry out our tasks, they have already found a solution to it." God said to Gabriel, "Go, Test them." A boy, twelve years of age, was grazing sheep; Gabriel asked him, "Do you also possess any knowledge?" The boy replied, “Ask me?” Gabriel then asked the boy to tell him where Gabriel was at the time. The boy closed his eyes, and then said that he (Gabriel) was not in the Heavens. Gabriel then asked, “Where is he?” The boy replied that he (Gabriel) was not on any land either. Gabriel asked, “Then where is he?” The boy opened his eyes and said "I have searched fourteen levels of seven Realms, and he is nowhere to be found, either I am Gabriel, or you are.” Then God commanded the Angels to drown this nation by flooding. They heard this Decree of God and began to build homes of metal and glass. Then an earthquake ruined them. At that time, the region was called Kalda. It is now Greece. They, through spiritual knowledge interfered with Divine Affairs, now our Scientists, through knowledge of Science, are causing interference with the Affairs of God.

In order to frighten the present-day human beings, God devises destruction on ordinary scale, and for the total extinction, a planet has already been sent to the planet Earth. The Planet is expected to collide with the Earth within the next twenty to twenty five years and that would be the final day for the World. A part of which (Planet) has already fallen on Jupiter a couple of years back. Our Scientists have also collected information about it. They are now reflecting upon moving on to the Moon, or some other planet for settlement. The allotment and bookings for the houses have already been made for the land on the Moon. Knowing the fact that basic elements of life such as Air, Water and plantation are not available thereon, yet endeavours for such settlement appear to be far from practicality. Now the question is! Does reaching to the Moon or Jupiter benefit Humanity? Is there a breakthrough in medical field, that of prolonging the Age (Anti-ageing formula) or death-preventing medicine? In case, our human beings reached on the Mars, they would not survive because of the difference in the nature of Oxygen. Money is being wasted in fruitless experiments. Had the United States of America and Russia utilized the wealth on poor, it would prosper all humanity. Because of the difference in Origins (belonging to different assorted Adams), bombs are made to destroy each other, whereas the world is to destroy by itself anyway.


The number of souls created in the Celestial Realms superseded the allowance

Souls in the immediate-proximity were in the front-side rows. Common type of Souls were sent as per the followings of the Adams created within the Terrestrial Sphere. Those, which were moulded with black, white, yellow and red clay, they were taught the concerned knowledge through Gabriel, Harut and Marut.
Whilst Adams would be moulded with clay within the Terrestrial sphere, infernal Jinns would, grabbing the opportunity, enter them and would try entangling them within evil clown. Then the Prophets and Saints of that nation and their teachings would become a means of the salvation. Many Adams were made in pairs (with their female partners), and procreation commenced. Many times a woman was created alone (without an Adam), and she would bear children with the Command “Be”. These nations still exist in the world today. Only the women are their tribal leaders. As they are offsprings of women, they regard God as female, and they consider themselves to be progeny of the Angels. Their progeny came about outside marriage without man (human sperm). This ritual continues among them even today. The women of these tribes bear children by anyone, and later marry other person, and do not regard this as indecent.

The affirmation by the souls, fate and rank (in the primordial time) determined the type of Adam. Such souls then descended (after these Adams had been sent). This is the reason: No specific religion was ascribed for them. Even if the Prophets were sent for their guidance, a few accepted them, instead others did contrary to the Prophet’s teachings. Instead of God, they worshiped the Moon, Stars, the Sun, the Trees, Fire, and even started to worship snakes.

Finally, Adam Safi-Allah was moulded in the Paradise of the clay from the Paradise so that he surpassed all (previous Adams) in magnificence and excellence, so that they may be safe from infernal spirits, as they did not have access to the Paradise. Azazeel had the discerning instinct due to his knowledge. He became Chief of the Angels due to abundance of worship, and was from the Jinns. He, owing to jealousy, spat on Adam's body. Through his saliva, bacteria, similar to infernal Djinn entered Adam's body. It is known as Nafs. The progeny of Adam inherited it from Adam. As such, Prophet Mohammed said, “When a human being is born, an evil Djinn is also born with it.”

Angels and Mala'ika (Archangels) are two different species. Malakoot is inhabited by THE Angels, they were created along with the creation of human souls. Above Malakoot is Jabaroot, the creature thereof is known as Mala'ika (Archangels).

The Archangels predate the "Command-Be-for-the Souls". Decree of God was: prostration be made to Adam Safi Allah. Never before an Adam was moulded inside the Paradise, nor did the Angels prostrate to any Adam! Azazeel appeared to be reluctant, denied to prostrate, hence he was cursed. Thus Azazeel developed enmity for the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. Pleases note: The progeny of other Adams escaped from Evil enmity, Infernal Jinns were just as competent to deceive them. Since the Satan was more powerful than the infernal Jinns, he tricked and gripped them cunningly, and taught them crimes as critical as the other nations started to distance themselves from Asians.  Due to the excellence of Adam Safi Allah also, those whom God guided, they became so exalted and glorified that the other nations were taken aback. The greatest of the Celestial Books, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms of David, and the Qur’an were revealed onto them only. Due to the teachings, benevolence and blessings (of the Books), the Asian religions spread far and wide in the nations of the world. 

Adam's soul was yet to be placed in his body, the angels sensed that he too was being moulded for the Earth, for the human being moulded with clay are fashioned for the Earth only. Then by a trick, they are sent to the Earth. Though the Eternal Act is by God, yet the humans get blame. If Adam was sent to the world unalleged, he would have come into the world, and done nothing but grumble. Why would he have repented and bewailed? 

1. A soul, Azli Jahanami (Predestined Hell bound), if born in a non-religious home, is called a Kafir (Rejecter of the faith) and Kazib (denier of the apparent truth). These people are atheist, and the enemies of the Prophets and the Saints. They are arrogant, hard-hearted, and take pleasure in tormenting the Creation of God. Those of the second category practise a religion, yet deprived of its spirit. Such a soul, if it is born into a religious home, is known as a hypocrite.

2. These people are blasphemers to the Prophets, envious to the saints and are mischievous in religion. Their worship is wasted as that of the Satan. The religion directs them towards the Paradise, whereas their fate pushes them towards the Hell. Since they are deprived of the help from the Prophets and Saints, hence, they fall prey to the tricks and plots of the Satan and Nafs. The Devil and Nafs whisper to them as follows: You are a man of great knowledge, you are a great worshipper, is there a difference left still between you and the Prophets? Now they begin to consider themselves as equivalent to the Prophets and they consider the saints are lower to them. They concede not the saintly marvels, and believe not in the knowledge of spirituality. They only believe in the acts that, which they possess, the quality and expertise of. They even dismiss Divine Splendours labelling them as magic. They concede to the power God gave to evil but they do not concede to the power God gave to the Prophets and the Saints. 

3. A predestined Paradise bound Soul, is called an 'impaired one' should it be born in a non-religious or un-holy atmosphere. The impaired ones may qualify for forgiveness and salvation. They are the souls who in search of the Established Divinely Ordained Path, and in order to rid sinful ways seek saintly help and their support. They are soft hearted, humble and modest, and generous.

4. In case Paradise bound soul is born into a religious family, that practises a Celestial Religion, it is known as Sadiq (Truthful) and Momin (Enlightened Believer) and they are those who by virtue of austerity and worship earn the Nearness of God and deserve Divine Inheritance.
Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) is my pride and I am proud of it. (Prophetic Tradition)

Tasawuf (Mysticism), Emphasis on Qalb

In order to raise the heartbeats, disciples tried many tricks, such as loud invocation, dancing, Kabaddi (a form of wrestling), laying brick in making walls and physical work-outs. Following the above-mentioned tricks, it became easier to synchronise the Word Allah within the heartbeats and gradually theWord Allah Itself reached all the Souls of the breast and some people started to copy them without attaining profound knowledge and awareness. They started to dance on beats of Allah Allah. They failed to synchronise the Word Allah within their heartbeats, neither were they aware of its notion; however, their animal spirit (It relates to movements) developed fondness with the Word Allah. Similarly, the Botanical Spirit whence engages in the invocation of the Word "Allah" along with the music, it becomes fond of it, and gains spiritual strength." Music is sustenance to the Botanical Spirit. Experiments, that with music were carried out on crops in the USA. Similar crops in similar soil were sowed. One (crop) was kept under the influence of Music, and the other without it. The findings revealed that the one with the music was better in growth than the one without music.

Nafs is tantalizingly stubborn and seeks pretexts even after purification, whereas it fancies music and melodious sound. Some people, through music, tried to divert its (Nafs) direction towards God. Some people played guitar with invocation of Allah, nonetheless, they performed worship through Ears. I met a guitarist who told me a story. He said, "I play guitar along with invocation of Allah as a hobby in my leisure time. Occasionally, as I wake up, I hear the invocation of Allah from within myself.” Individuals such as he is, are better than those who simply sing, play music or listen to it for the sake of enjoyment; however, they could not thrive in attainment of any grade of sainthood. Such are the people of passion, craving, and those who seek the truth, through a Spiritual Guide, they obtain their fate. In Islam also, and Sufi's belonging to other religions too endeavoured to absorb in God's Name, through various methods. Deeds or Acts that which steer one's direction towards God, and increases God's Love is not prohibited.

Tradition of Mohammad, the Prophet:
"God takes into account the intentions, He does not bother deeds."

The followers of the Shariah (Religious Law) consider it to be wrong and blameable; this is because they are content with Shariah. But, those who are eager to advance on to "Ishq" (Divine Nature and Self-Adoration) from Shariah or those who practise not Shariah anyway, Why should they be discouraged and stopped from utilizing a substitute?

The Religion of God
Divine Life Style
Divine Love

All other religions were established in this world through the Prophets, whereas before this, Ishq was He Himself, Ishq, He practised with Himself, Ishq, He practised on Himself. In simple words, He was Love, and Himself was He the Lover, and Himself was He the Beloved of Himself and Souls that which were in His close Proximity, in His Glorified Majesty, and spur of Love, Ishq-e-Ilahi, Deen-e-Ilahi and Deen-e-Hanif (Truthful) was that! Such were of the Souls who being into this world, sacrificed all their possessions to find Him.

It was confined to some elite only.
Now Doctrine of Spirituality made it accessible to the Ordinary also

Tradition of Mohammad, The Prophet: Abu Hurrerah, "I acquired two types of knowledge from Mohammad. I told you of one. You would kill me if I told you the other."

When books (dried) were taken out from a pond, Maulana Jalal Uddin asked, What is it? Shah Shams replied, "This is the knowledge that you are not aware of.”

When Moses wondered whether there was any other type of knowledge existed that he did not know of! God replied, Enjoin Khidar, (A mystical figure, possessing the secrets of the esoteric knowledge).

Every Musalli (Worshipper) implores, "O' God, guide me onto the path of those that Ye art pleased with."

Iqbal, the Poet: What would Imam (one who leads the Muslim Prayer) know of that!

Those, whom God loved, and, those that loved God. Upon their entry into this world, they proclaimed God’s Name. For example, Jesus spoke in infancy that He was a Prophet. Gabriel had already foretold Virgin Mary, of Jesus before His birth. Pharaoh was foretold about Moses’ birth. He was told that a child would be born in a tribe, and who would cause to bring destruction upon him, and that he would be from among the favorites of God. Prophet Mohammad also said that He was already a Prophet before he came into this world. Many predestined souls and God-Loving souls are present in different bodies and different religions.

In the End Times

God would send any one of THE SOULS into this world. He would find these souls to unite them. He would remind them that they too once loved God. All such Souls whether they be in a religion or not, would respond to His Call, and flock around Him. He would grant these souls a unique Name of Lord. The Name would reach their souls passing through their hearts. The soul shall, then engross the Name permanently to call upon God. The Name shall render to the soul afresh love, a new passion "نیا ولولہ" , and a new strength. The Name’s Noor (Divine Energy) "نور"shall reunite its connection with God.

Heart-invocation serves as an intermediary to obtaining Soul-invocation, just as servitude, (Salat/Prayers and Soum/Fasting) serves as an intermediary to obtaining Heart-invocation. Fear not then the reckoning and the Day of Judgment, have your soul engrossed God’s Name! Further to this, other types of Soul-invocation and worship mark the increasing ranks. Those who are advancing from the Soul of Qalb towards Human Soul, they are of either those who have entered the Religion of God, or they are about to enter it. They are supposed to obtain guidance by Noor (Divine Energy), and by it do they manage to refrain from committing sins.

In addition, those who even having heard or struggled remain to be deprived are not included in the Religion of God. Those who consider themselves to be in (the Religion of God) or imitate as such to be, without obtaining heart-invocation and soul-invocation, are heretics.

Common people find salvation through common religions and worship. Means of guidance are Celestial Books. Means of intercession to God is Prophet-hood and Sainthood. Many Muslims do not concede that saints possess intercession to God; however, Prophet Mohammad insisted his companions on asking Owais Qarni to implore God for the salvation of his nation.

The Religion of the Souls
The recognition of those who are included in the Religion of God, the Religion of Ishq.

Into which all rivers submerge is called an ocean. In which all Religions submerge is called the Religion of God.
Sultan Bahoo: "Ishq is the Divine AVENUE
where all four divinely ordained religions intermingle"


The fundamental recognition

When invocation of both Qalb and Rooh has been obtained, whether by means of worship or through the amiable glance of a perfect spiritual guide in either case, it was written-in-the eternal fate. One begins to abhor sins. One feels self-reproach and remorse when unwillingly happens to commit a sin, one cogitates to find deterrent to committing sins.

Decree of God: "I approve of those who find deterrent to committing sins "

Attraction for the world and its contents begins to vacate from the heart, Divine Love begins to prevail. One begins to feel getting rid of being covetous, jealous, arrogant and Bukheel (the one who conceals the apparent truth or economical with the truth). Mouth (tongue) learns to abstain from unkind remarks (bad-mouthing). One begins to realize unworthiness of oneself. Greed departs and replaces with generosity. Falsehood fades out. Carnal desires, from prohibition turn into allowance, One abhor to consume forbidden food, ill-earnings and wicked deeds.  

The eventual recognition

One obtains thorough liberation from consumption of hashish, opium, heroin, tobacco, alcohol, and all other similar types. One obtains to meet and interact with Holy Dignitaries (Godly Souls) in dreams, through Muraqibah (Transcendental Journey) or through Mukashifah (Spiritual Insight). Nafs-e-Am'mara (The Commanding Nafs) has cleansed to turn into Nafs-e-Mutma'inna (The Divinely Content Nafs). The Soul of “Anna” be present, in person with God, and all the Veils between God and the man have been removed. One develops Baaz-e-Gunaah (complete abstinence from sins), obtains Ishq-e-Khuda (Divine Love), Wasl-e-Khuda (Union with God). One turns into a Provider from a servant, and from poor to Conferrer to the poor.

Since the elite-souls from all religions would enjoin this Divine-Order, those who had already affirmed the Motto in the Divine Presence in the Beginning of the creation “The Day of Azal”, hence, it would be free of restraints-of-the religions for entry into it. Individuals from all religions would be given to worship according to their respective religious rituals; however, the nature of heart invocation would remain the same for all. Meaning: even with different religions they would be united at hearts. Once God enters their hearts, all would become Godly. God may now confine any one to Himself or send any body into a religion to dispense guidance. In other words, some would be Mufeed (Beneficial to the community via Habl Allah and also by being appointed), others would be Munfarid (Solitary and isolated), yet others would be the worriers and commanders. The sinners, who support and help these people, would be granted a certain Spiritual Rank. Those who failed to join up this League of Mehdi, most of them (Muslims and Non-Muslims alike) would join hands with the Satan (Dajjal, Anti-Christ). In the End, there would a great battle between the two. People of Mehdi, Jesus and Kalki Avatar, together shall defeat them. Most people of Dajjal (Anti-Christ) shall be killed, and the survivors to live in fear, quietened up and under compulsion. Mehdi and Jesus shall rule the hearts of masses. Peace shall be restored in the entire world. All other religions would cease to turn into the ONE RELIGION (The Religion of God). The Religion, would be, God’s Favourite, gist of the religions and scriptures of all the Prophets, worthy of acceptance in the entire humanity, superior to all types of worship, moreover, even superior to God’s Love, ISHQ-E-ILAHI.

“Ishq, to where it takes, Emaan has no trace.” (Saint Sultan Bahu)

 Iqbal the Poet from Sub-Continent depicts a scenario as follows:

“The world (Humanity) needs THE MEHDI THE TRUTHFUL Whose Sight (Doctrine) shall shake the Established Universal Philosophy and Thoughts”
“The concealed Secrets are to be unveiled soon, era of “You cannot see Me” is history now”
“The Identity of whom is revealed first, He is THE MEHDI, He is of the End Times!”
“Grant me the Ability of the Sight to peep into the Mirror of Reality, Foresee the Future, the picture of which remains to be vague to sight”
“Look at the Universe, the land and space, look for a moment, at the one who appears from the East”
“Gone has that time O' giver of the drink (of love), when did hide the drinkers”
“The whole world will now become a tavern and every soul will be the drinker (of the Divine Love)”
“The time has come of the unveiling, all will see His Splendour and Majesty”
“Silence was His Veil, whose secret will now be manifest”
“Out of the desert came he, who overturned the kingdom of Rome”
“Heard have I from the Angels, that the lion will awaken again”

None of the Celestial Books and Saheefah (Chapters revealed on The Prophet ''Nabi'') are the Religion of God. In these books are the rituals on Salat (prayer), Fasting, and the beards, whereas God is not bound by them. These religions were established to enlighten and purify the followers of the Prophets. God, Himself is Pure "Noor". When an individual, having obtained Union with God, becomes Noor, then He too enters the Religion of God. God’s Religion is Mutual Love and Affection. It is the Manifestation of Attributes of His Ninety Nine Names. He is the One who does mention of His Friends. (God) Himself is the Love, the Lover and the Beloved, and when God grants an individual a portion of what is mentioned above, then he too enters the Religion of God. Beholding Divine Beauty of God is His Prayers (Salat), mentioning of God is his hobby. Further, gazing at the beatific Vision of God is atonement for all obligatory religious practices of his life and customary form of worship adopted from the Prophet's practice. The Collection of worship performed by all Angels, Human Beings and Jinns cannot reach the level of his Servitude.  
For an individual as such, Abdul Qadir Jilani says: "One who having obtained Union with God, intends to worship, rejects Divine-Bounty .”
The Saint Bullhay Shah stated: “After I started the worship of Love, I forgot the Temples and the Mosques.”  
Iqbal (the Poet) said: What would Imam (one who leads the Muslim Prayer) know of that!

Abu Hurrerah: I acquired two types of knowledge from Mohammad. "I told you of one. You would kill me if I told you the other."

History reveals that whoever unfolded the secrets of the inner-knowledge, they were assassinated as Shah Mansoor and Sarmad were. Today, His Holiness Gohar Shahi anticipates the same.

A submission to the Shariah (the Religious Law) is for the followers of the Prophets, but the Prophets are not obligated to any worship. They are already PROPHETS since (The Day of Azal) the Beginning of the Creation, even before introduction of Shariah, The Prophets are supposed to model the Religion in practice to perfection, hence leaving out anyone of the rituals may provide an excuse for the nation to serve it as a custom or way of the Prophet. Therefore, they must stay cautious and maintain spiritual sanity. Can anybody say that a Prophet would enter the Hell because he never worshipped? Nay, absolutely not!
Can anybody say that it is impossible to obtain sainthood without performance of worship? Can anybody say that, too, that becoming a Prophet is impossible without obtaining knowledge? Then why objections are served against the saints whereas sainthood substitutes Prophet-hood?

Beware! Those who claim and pose to have acquired Union with God, without seeing God in person, are heretics and they tamper with the truth! The Scriptures execrated such liars. Verily! The Qur’an curses such as those who tamper with the truth. Due to them, thousands of believers lose their faith and waste time. 
The book (in hand) requires unruffled concentration and attention, pondering and research from all religions sects and every man. It poses a challenge to those who deny the existence of Spirituality.


Decrees of His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi
Three segments of the knowledge of the Outer, and one segment of the knowledge of the Inner are to be traced.

“Find an equivalent of Moses to obtain the knowledge of the Outer and an equivalent of Khidar for the knowledge of the Inner.”

Voice from the higher Realms unaccompanied by the Gabriel is known as Ilham (Inspiration) and knowledge is known to be Saheefah and Hadeeth-e-Qudsee (Hadeeth-e-Qudsee is Private talk between the Prophet and God, Gabriel is not Present). Knowledge that was accompanied by Gabriel, be it knowledge of the Outer or the Inner, whether it be called the Qur’an, the Torah or the Bible, it is to be known and regarded as Celestial Scripture.

Clerics err and declare it politics to escape from it. Saints err, and it is ignored to be considered as a code, Section of Err does not apply on the Prophets!

In what they remain to be preoccupied, they are strong in relation to them and those who are not in this discipline, and those that are not occupied in their relative spiritual practice, they are senseless and lifeless, and those who engrossed God's invocation in the souls therein, then their preoccupation is the All Time Dhikr-al Sultani and Ishq-e-Allah.

Rightly did Iqbal say: "If You are in Ishq. Your Kufr is as good as Islam."

Sachal Saanyen said: "Without Ishq of the Beloved, Islam or Kufr matters Nought!"

Saint Sultan Bahu said: “'Ishq, to where it takes, Emaan has no trace.”

People such as mentioned above, if they belong to a religion or join up that religion, Divine Shower of Mercy begin to fall on the Land, due to their auspiciousity. Then to the threshold of Baba Farid (A saint from Sub-Continent) do come the Hindu's and Sikh's. Muslims and Christians to Baba Guru-Nanak.

Imam Mehdi to renew all religions!

Just as Reformers continued to reform the Religion of Islam in accordance with environment, after Mohammad's Finality of Prophet-hood; similarly, with the advent of Imam Mehdi, the reforms carried out by these Reformers would nullify, and Imam Mehdi shall, on His Own renew all Religions in accordance therewith. Some Books indicate, “He (Imam Mehdi) would INTRODUCE a Brand New RELIGION”.


Decrees of His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi

If somebody has worshipped all his life, but in the End, he turned out to oppose the Awaited Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ, who are to come into this world twice (Jesus to return into this world with the same Body that He ascended with to higher Realms, and Imam Mehdi to return into this world with the Terrestrial Spirits), he is hell-bound as Balyim Ba’ur,and rejected as was Iblis (the Satan). If somebody has lived all his life like that of a dog (Dog is symbolic to Nafs-e-Ammarah in Spiritual term), but if in the End, he managed to love and support them (Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ), He would be granted to turn into Qatmir from a dog to enter the Paradise (Qatmir, who was elevated by association with the ‘Companions of the Cave’, and will go to the Paradise).

Some Sects and Religions claim that Jesus had died, and His tomb is in Afghanistan, Beware! It is a misleading propaganda. The Tomb in Afghanistan is that of a saint by the name of Eesa. What would be the purpose of the burial there when transportation was primitive then (it would have taken months to travel to Afghanistan). Some people ask, "How was Jesus raised to the heavens?" We say, "How was Adam brought down to the Earth?" Whereas Idrees (Enoch) also is still present in the Paradise, Khidar and Elias (Ilyaas) are also present in this world, and they still live. 

Hayat Al Ameer, the Grandson of Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad has lived for six hundred years now. Abdul Qadir Jilani instructed him not to die before passing on his salutation to Imam Mehdi. It was Hayat Al Meer who awarded Shah Latif with the title of Imam Bari. Marks of his sitting-place are still preserved in Bara-Kouh, Murree, Pakistan.

Punishment for Sins, committed with the physical body is imprisonment, fine or hang-to-death. Punishment for those in Faqr (Spiritual poverty) is humility, whereas the punishment for Inner sins is way too severe. The reward of good deeds from the account of one who passes unkind remarks (Backbiting) are transferred into the account of the one, affected. Covetousness, Jealousy, Bukhal (Being economical with the Truth), arrogance omit the recompense from book of Deeds. If a person has any Noor (Divine Light) inside him, it is confiscated when he blasphemes or begrudges any Prophet or Saint, just as Sheikh San'aan insulted Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani, consequently he was stripped off his visions and marvels. 

There is a story: As Ba-Yazeed found out that a man is involved in passing unkind remarks (backbiting) against him, he set an amount of pension for him in return to it. He continued to receive the pension and continued to pass the unkind remarks too. One day his wife said, "Stop being unfaithful to him, stop receiving the pension or stop backbiting against him". As such, the Man started praising the Saint. When Ba-Yazeed found out about this change, he discontinued the pension. Later, he came to visit Ba-Yazeed. He said," You would send me the pension when I was involved in backbiting against you, why did you stop it since I started to praise you?" Ba-Yazeed said, "You were on my labour then, your bad remarks would burn my sins, and I would pay you against this labour, what do I pay you for now?" The vices written herewith relate to Nafs-e-Ammarah (the Commanding Nafs), the helper to which is Iblis (the Satan). Whereas piety, generosity, forgiveness, patience and gratefulness, lowliness and Divine Theophanies relate to Qalb-e-Shaheed (the Witnessing Heart), Guardian and helper to which is Perfect Spiritual Guide.

With Nafs-e-Ammarah, Noor from recitation of any pure words (Scriptures) cannot settle in a heart, even if one memorizes the words and verses of the Scriptures, still remains to be a parrot. Once your Nafs turns into that of level of Mutma'inna (the Content Nafs), then no impurity can settle in you. You are then Longing Cockerel (A bird that is attached with heart to boost lust. It is purified when Theophanies start to shower upon a heart).

Find a Nafs-Demolisher to mortify your Nafs, the One who is an All Time Divinely Anointed. Body from outside is cleansed with water whereas inside of body is purified with Noor. It remains to be dirty and impure without cleansing. A clean body is worthy of performance of worship whereas a purified heart is worthy of being recipient of Divine Theophanies. Only then do the Celestial Books guide the Purified Ones. Otherwise, people of the Scriptures become enemy to the other people of the scriptures. As per Maktoubaat, Mujaddid Alf Thaani writes, "Those with Nafs-e-Ammarah had better not read the Qur’an, they are not worthy of reading it, and the novice must first purify himself by the invocation of the Heart. Once enlightened, then recite the Qur’an.” 

There is a Prophetic tradition that some people recite the Holy Scripture, and the Scripture curses them.
The Saint Bullhay Shah stated that there are those who deceive others, yet carry the Scripture under their arms.

A worshipper thinks he stays awake all night in worship for God. Therefore, he is near to God. After worship, you pray for good health, long life, wealth and damsels of the Paradise. Ponder! Did you ever pray to God as such: O God, I want YOU and nothing else. A cleric thinks that he, in nearness to God, has already obtained salvation, because he has the Qur’an  and knowledge in him. Then, why do you call others as hell-bound as every Muslim possesses some knowledge, and has memorized many verses of the Qur’an? Ponder! Who sells the knowledge? Who sells himself? Who does the backbiting against the Saints? Who is engaged in jealousy, arrogance and concealing the truth (Bukhal)? What is in heart differs from that on the tongue and says something in the morning, and then twists it in the evening. Whose hobby is it? Who moulds the truth into falsehood, and falsehood into the truth? If you are free and pure from these vices, then you are a Khalifah (Caliph) of the Prophet and turning back on you is disrespectful.

Allama Iqbal said: Meaning, you appear to be a reader but in reality, you are the Qur’an.

If you are entangled within these vices, then you are the one about whom the wolf said: “Might God raise me from among the clerics of the 14th century, if I ate Yousuf (Joseph), the Prophet.”

 Siraat Al Mustaqeem (Divinely Established Path)

1. Those whose outward is clean but inward is darkened, they are mischief in the religion. They are the caliph of Iblis (the Satan). Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad: Do not approach and be fearful of an ignorant cleric. An ignorant cleric is one whose mouth (tongue) is learned but his heart is darkened (ignorant).

2. Those whose Batin (Inward) is enlightened, but Zahir (Outward) is impure, they are called Majzoob (Ecstatic Saint), Mazoor (who is an eternal soul but is born in a secular home and evil environment), Sukur (Spiritual ecstasy) and Munfarid (He is solitary and does not meet any people).

Intellect is lost by Ishq (Love) what the accountability on the Day of Judgment is for? (Taryaaq-e-Qalb)

They are cause of worry in the religion but they are in Nearness to God. However, they cannot obtain any further rank. Verified are the appointed ones, heretics are the imposters.

Such saints beat with their stick the high profile personalities such as the President Ayoub, former Prime ministers Benazir and Nawaz Shareef when they were in government. Can you beat a president with sticks? (Majzoob are inwardly connected with God. When they beat somebody with their stick, in reality they bless them. Those who get beaten they also know the effects of that beating. This is why majzoobeen beat presidents and they were not punished. If you beat anyone they will put you in jail). The act of beating is confined to the Majzoob only. It is not for anyone other than majzoob.

3. Zahir (Outward) is cleansed, Batin (Inward) is also purified. Worship by Qalb (heart) along with worship of Zahir (Outward). They are known as Aalim-e-Rabbani (Divinely Ordained Scholar). Meaning, they Alim-e-Rabbani serves as Prophet's pulpit and are heir of the religion.

When one attains the unification of Inward with outward, he is then known as Naib-e-Allah (Second to God). If he performs hajj in a dream or spiritually, then reward for it is also granted in Zahir (outward), even greater reward than that of hajj of outward. Salat (prayer) by Souls is entitled to be equivalent to salat (prayer) of Zahir (outward). Verily, even greater than that! When such an individual performs salat in zahir, it becomes meraaj (Ascension) in batin also. These are the souls, whose bodies are among people here on earth and their souls are with God there in higher Realms. In the faculty of Faqr (the Spiritual Poverty), they are called Mua'arif (Saint by soul) also. For Ashiq (the Lover of God), all he wants is the Beatific Vision of God. Some people assert that one cannot behold God. The knowledge of Beholding God began with Prophet Mohammed. According to Abu Hanifa (the Eminent Muslim Scholar), he has seen the Lord ninety-nine times; Bayazid Bastami (the Muslim Saint) stated that he has seen God seventy times; The soul of Anna (Placed in forehead) enables you to see God, and you are naive on the teachings and invocation of  Soul of Anna.

The Friend of God

If people believe somebody to be a saint due to his spiritual insight, marvels and spiritual benevolence, but if you are disheartened by his deeds or his religion, you had better stop visiting him, but do not pass bad remarks about him.
Beware! Someone may be an apple of God's eye or a Sheikh Baqa, or a Laal Shahbaz, or a Khidar or a Sai Baba! You may also encounter an Eternal Divine Bride.


Gohar Shahi's revolutionary message to the entire humanity

A Muslim says, "I am superior to all", Whereas a Jew says, "I am even greater than a Muslim", and a Christian says, "I am higher than both of them, nay, superior to all religion, as I am from the Nation of God's Son."

Gohar Shahi, however declares that superior to all is one who has God's Love in his heart, even though he is not from any religion.
"Performance of outward worship and prayers confirm obedience to the Divine, whereas heart-invocation is intermediary to God's Love and means of communication to God.”
Appointed One bears the verification, whereas the impostor becomes a heretic.

One who makes a false claim of Prophet-hood is a Rejector of Faith (Kafir), whereas the one who makes a false claim of Sainthood is next to Rejector of Faith (Kafir). Wali means a friend, and it is a must for friends to have seen each other or have spoken to each other. Prophet Mohammad once warned the companions that some acts of his practice were confined to him, and that they were not supposed to imitate him.

Prayers of Every Musalli (worshipper), "O' God, show me the way of those upon whom you bestowed your bounty." Establish Real Prayer (Salat), that which must be performed in Bait-al-Mamour, for this Prayer shall continue to be in practice even after death just as on the Night of Ascension, souls of All Prophets performed prayer (Salat) in Bethlehem. Stick to Islamic Law (Shariah) strictly, till you see God. However, God has to offer a substitute for the sinners and those sluggish in worship. Heart-invocation that of with the Name "Allah"  also recompenses the scarcity of outward worship and sins, and eventually leads to becoming God's  Lover and Enlightened Conscience.

Then do remember your Lord whilst standing, sitting and tossing on your bed, as when your prayer (Salat) dies out.  (Qur’an) فَإِذَا قَضَيْتُمُ الصَّلاَةَ فَاذْكُرُواْ اللّهَ قِيَاماًوَقُعُوداً وَعَلَى جُنُوبِكُمْ

Company, belonging to, amiable gaze and well-wishes of the Saints also revive the fate of sinners, and save them from Hell as Prophet Mohammad, for salvation of the sinners of his Nation, sent companions to Owais Qarni for Prayers. Generosity, struggle in the way of God (Riyazat) and martyrdom also may recompense against the sins and earn salvation. Lowliness (Ajizi), repenting and weeping also may earn God's Favour. It was due to this, that Nasouha, the one who stole the coverings of the dead women, and seducer of dead women, was forgiven by God. One day, Jesus asked the Satan, "Who do you think is your best friend?" The Satan replied, "A worshipper-cum-miser. Jesus astounded, "How come?" The Satan said, "His nature that of being miser nullifies his worship-accounts." Jesus continues to ask, "Who do you think your worst enemy is?" The Satan said, "Sinner-cum-Generous " . Jesus exclaimed, explain how? Satan said, "His generosity washes away his sins."

Those who love the favourites of God, creature of God, care takers, supporters of the truth, people of just also manage to earn Divine Bounty and Mercy. Poet Iqbal, when he was a student of 3rd or 4th grade, he was followed by a female dog on the way from school to home. He climbed the stairs to his home, while the bitch kept staring at him senselessly. He thought to himself, perhaps, she is hungry. His father had left a loaf of bread for him. He put before her a half of the loaf, soon before long she ate it, yet staring at him senselessly. He offered her the other half too, and he starved all day long. The following night, his father was given the glad-tidings as of, I appreciate what your son has performed, and now he is under My Merciful Sight.

As Subaktgeen started to walk away from the jungle, holding a baby-deer, he saw a deer was following his horse. Subaktgeen stopped and he noticed that the deer stopped too, staring into sky. Subaktgeen realized that then tears were flowing from her eyes. He set the baby-deer FREE. Following this incident, God became so merciful upon him that he would now often cry in the Name of God.

Maulana Jalal Uddin says: "One moment passed in company of a saint is better than 100 years of pure worship."  
Private tradition of Prophet Mohammad, " I become his tongue through he speaks, and I become his hands with which he holds and grasp."
Abu Zar Ghaffari, People on the Day of Judgement, on recognizing a saint would say: O God, I helped him with ablution, the reply would be, "Salvation be granted to him." Another of the spectator there, would say, " God, I fed him and provided clothes for him”, the reply would be: Salvation be granted to him too. This is how a large number of people would be granted salvation.
Hadeeth Qudsee: "Whoever develops enmity against My Friend, I declare a war against that person."

In Divine-War, beheading for once is not sufficient; the faith of the culprit is beheaded, which, in the life hereafter, continues to be beheaded along with torture daily. Just as Balyim Ba'ur who was a great religious scholar and a keen worshipper, but because of his enmity against the Prophet Moses, he was sent into the Hell.


People say, "God can be found through worship." We (His Holiness Ra-Gohar Shahi) say, "God is to be found through and in Heart"

Worship is meant to purify the heart, if it does not serve the purpose, then God is far off from you. Tradition of the Prophet: "Neither do I watch your deeds, nor your faces (bodies), rather I watch Pure-Intentions and Purified Hearts." However, you may earn place in the Paradise through worship, but the Paradise too is far and away from where God dwells. This Mystical Science (Deen-e-Ilahi, Divine Love) is aimed at those who, turning their faces away from the Paradise and its content, ache and crave for Divine Love, Divine Proximity and Divine Union. 

Then as it appears in verse of the Cave, "God provide them with a Perfect Spiritual Guide."
(مَن يَهْدِ اللَّهُ فَهُوَ الْمُهْتَدِ وَمَن يُضْلِلْ فَلَن تَجِدَ لَهُ وَلِيّا مُّرْشِداً ً

When God is pleased with somebody, He looks at him with Affectionate Gaze. The Affectionate Gaze, that God looks at with, washes away the sins of that person. Those who keep company of such a person, Affectionate Gaze of Divine Mercy engulf them too. The Friends of the Lord, ‘the Companions of the Cave’, remained asleep or were on a ‘spiritual journey’, and God kept gazing at them with Affection, due to which their companion dog too, becoming Qatmir would enter the Paradise. When Sheikh Farid came under Merciful Sight of God (Theophanies), the shepherd sitting along side was also spiritually revived.

When God became pleased with Abu Al Hassan, following Abu Al Hassan's Way of Pleasing God, they began to speak with each other. One day, God said to Abu Al Hassan, "If I reveal you upon people, they would stone you to death." Abu Al Hassan replied, "If I reveal upon people how Merciful You are, then none of them would worship (Prostrate) You." God compromisingly said, "Let's make a deal, neither you reveal anything upon them, nor shall I."

The Companions of the Prophet cursed on Zaid, (A Companion), when consecutively for the 3rd time, he was caught consuming alcohol. Prophet Mohammad in disagreement said, "Do not curse him, for consuming alcohol, for he loves me and God." Those who love God and His Apostle, verily, they shall not enter the Hell. Verily, God love His all creatures, and He provides for all. He does send sustenance to the incapable insect (those found to be living in stones) too. As disobedient offspring is punished and disinherited, similarly, God appears to be Penalizer for the disobedient and blasphemous ones.

Believe the fact that He wants to look at you too, but you appear to be naive, careless or you are ill-fated. Your face that people look at, you wash it with soap, apply cream and shave daily, and your heart, that God is to look at, did you ever wash it?

Tradition of the Prophet: There are means and ways of cleanliness for every object. Whereas, invocation with God's Name is Divine prescribed means for the purification and cleanliness of hearts. Pure Love relates to the heart. Those who utter "I love you" by their tongue only, they are the cheaters. Love is not performed, rather it settles in hearts with whosoever settles in the heart.

God can inhabit your heart by following methods: Visualization on God's Name (Tasaw'wur) Invocation of Heart and the SAINTS. A car engine alone cannot reach the destination till other necessary parts like steering, tyres are not attached with it. Similarly, Salat (Prayers) too is incomplete with attainment of mortified Nafs and purified heart. If Salat without these necessities is sufficient, and you consider this will earn you the Paradise, Then why do you label others as Hell-bound? Why do you call them as Kafir or Murtid (One who returns to the previous faith, quitting the current one), when they offer Salat too? Both are darkened in hearts, the only difference that lies between the two is that one is riding a donkey of Jesus, and the other the donkey of Anti-Christ (Dajjal). The only difference that lies among people is their respective creed, and the creed is to be left behind in this world. The Soul from the Inner shall go forth.

Salat (Prayers) confined to the tongue only, the heart in the absurd-engagement, envy and jealousy. This is known as Prayers-by-the body. Common folks spend their entire life in wishful thinking, and continue to be trapped in sectarianism. Their propagation results in rising mischief within the Religion. Suppose, you worshipped for ten-fifteen years under the principles of that sect, then you changed to a new sect considering that to be right, which proves that the previous sect you followed was Batil (false). The Batil's worship is not acceptable (to God). In other words, you wasted the ten or fifteen years of worship that you did. The new sect you join may possibly be false too. In that case you lost your past and your future worship. When the blindfold was removed, one found himself back to square one. You would have been better off finding a Perfect Spiritual Guide, than wasting your life.

Gohar's School of Doctrine (The Goharian Philosophy)

Queue up all the righteous, the worshippers from all the religions, ask God, Who would you like to look at? As your eyes fix on glittering stars, be it the Mars, Mercury or a nameless star. Similarly, God can see the enlightened hearts only, whether or not, they belong to any religion.

Sachal Saanyen said: "Without the Ishq of the Beloved, Islam or Kufar matters Nought!"
You, in search for God, rush towards Temples, Churches, and Mosques etc! Does the History trace as such as God was seen sitting in any worship-place? O' Fool head! The dwelling of the Lord is your heart. Let God inhabit your heart, then you shall see the worship-places and all the worshippers running towards you. BaYazid recollected, "I circumambulated Kaa'ba for a certain period of time (The Muslims sacred place of worship in Mecca), Since God inhabited me, Kaa’ba has been circumambulating me for a long time now. The worship-places are collection points for good virtues, whereas hearts are the Divine Dwelling places. In worship-places, you shall call upon God. In hearts, God shall call upon you.

Not in the Fate of the Intellectuals is found the Taste-of-Passion.
Those who lay everything before are the Bearers-of-Ishq (Lovers)
And when was God found by repeating his name?
It is the Man-God, through whom you find God.

According to every religion, the glory of their Prophet is superior to all, and it is this notion which broke out mutual wars among them It is important that first you gain access to the gatherings of the Prophets (in higher realms) through spirituality, only then will you realize the spiritual grades and ranks of the Prophets.



Important Note

God called every prophet with a unique name which served the Nation of the Prophets as their respective MOTTO and means of recognition. The Names that God uttered out were in His Own Language (Suryani). Affirming these, one gets admitted in the Nation of the Prophet. Affirming thrice is the CONDITION. Following his admittance into the Nation of the Prophet, the more frequently one repeats these words, the more purified he gets. Deliverance of these words at the time of adversity renders rescue. In the grave also, these words happen to soften the accountability. Even for the entry into the Paradise, deliverance of these words is Conditional.

Nations of all Prophets are advised to memorize these words, and recite them at dawn and at dusk as much as they may. You may read the Celestial Books in your own language for the purpose of guidance, As for the worship: Original text of the Original Book are proved to render spiritual benefits more.

Motto’s of the Mursaleen (The Grand Prophets)

The Christian Motto:
La Ila'ha Ill Allah I'sa Ruh-Allah. None other is Diety (Ilah) for except Allah-Eesa (Jesus) is Rooh Allah (Spirit of God).
The Jews Motto:
 La Ila'ha Ill Allah Musa Kalim-Allah.  None other is Deity (Ilah) for except Allah (God)-Musa (Moses) talks to Allah (God).
The Abrahamic Motto:
La Ila'ha Ill Allah Ibrahim Khalil-Allah. None other is Deity (Ilah) for except Allah (God)-Ibraheem (Abraham) is Khalil (Friend) of Allah (God).
The Muslim Motto:
La Ila'ha Ill Allah Mohammad Rasul-Allah. None other is Deity (Ilah) for except Allah (God)-Mohammad is the Grand Prophet.

The Hindu and Sikh are a link from the religions of Adam and Noah. Adam revering the Holy Black Stone inspired them to worship stones. The survivors on Noah's Ark propagated (their beliefs) reaching India, and their Gurus also received spiritual grace from Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj). The names such as of Adam (Shankerji) and Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj) are to be found in the wording of their prayers.

A follower of any religion may have certain language of his own, but Kalima (the Motto) in Suryani language (of God) is for the recognition and salvation. The chanting of the Name of God and Rasul (the Grand Prophet) is necessary at least (33) times morning and evening for common folks. To be protected from mundane problems and calamities, it must be done (99) times a day or as much as possible. To avoid calamities (in life), it must be (5000), (25,000) or (72,000) times a day. More than one person can recite to complete it within an attempt. The maximum limit is (125,000) times a day.

In order to purify the Heart and to efface the black spots (Angels appointed on every human being, place black spots on their hearts, as a result of committing sins-Prophetic tradition) of sins, while inhaling LA ILAHA ILLALLAH and the second part while exhaling, concentrate on the Heart. In acquiring the Love and the Nearness to God, there is another method, which is difficult without God's Will. Make use of the BEATS of your heart, and let the beats say the Name of God with every throb, as is done making use of a rosary whereby God's name is chanted on every piece as described in this book. Only the specific Words of Allah are required to be synchronized within the beats. Exercise this too daily as much as you can. Dhikr (Invocation) at all times can start in some people even without they concentrating on it, some others have to concentrate, some others after revival of Qalb (heart) and Rooh (Soul).

The number of invocation for the God-Friends is 72,000 times, whereas for God's-Lovers it can reach up to 125,000 times. The Guardian Angels (Karaman Kathibeen) fail to count the number of Dhikr (invocation) when all the Souls of the breast (Lata’if) are engaged.

Some of the souls on Land, some others at the Empyrean of God,
 Some in Kaa`ba and some others in person before God.
(Taryaaq-e-Qalb by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi)

Those in the Religions should concentrate God's Name as well as their Prophet's name on their heart, so that the Name Allah  is controlled and justly balanced in relation to Majestic effects. In the state of Spiritual ecstasy, absorption (state of spiritual incompetence) or heat of Majesty, continue repeating Kalima (the Motto) of the Prophet till the said state fades out. Further, visualize a Perfect Spiritual Guide, whom you have personally seen, so that the Guide’s spiritual power inscribes the Name Allah onto your Heart. Those who are not in any religion, for them it is uncertain to determine as to who are they supposed to obtain spiritual benevolence from (names of spiritual guides also are written in Eternal Fate), some people may not have any spiritual guide written in their fate. During the exercise, visualize all five Grand Prophets turn by turn, also visualize the saint that you may have met and have faith in. Then, whom you belong to, shall begin to speak from within you. Meaning, your direction, love and heart shall be inclined onto Him.

At one stage in the past, all people belonging to Celestial Books were gathered and united on certain issues and points. They began to eat together, and also they allowed cross-marriages.  Similarly, Ahl-e-Dhkir (Those who possess the Bounty of Heart-invocation) in the present era shall be unified. The people of Celestial books were united and gathered temporarily as the Book was confined to their tongue (it did not enter their hearts) only, it vanished away. People of the heart-invocation shall be permanent, as the Name of God and its Divine light would enter their bloodstream and heart. It is difficult for the illness that has entered the blood, or love that has entered the blood, to come out from it.

Water remains to be water till it is splashed into with a unique formulation to form electricity; when milk is churned it turns to butter. When the verses of Celestial Books are repeated according to Mystical Method, they produce Noor (Divine Light). Repetition of verses and Names of Divine Attributes produces Sifati Noor (Divine Light of the Attributes). Its access is up to the Malaika (the Archangels). This is Bil-Wasta (Indirect, requires Medium). This is the stage of Wahdat Al Wajoud (Unification in Existence). Noor (Divine Light) produced by repetition of the personal name of God "Allah" has direct access to God and this is Bila-Wasta (Direct, requires no Medium). This relates to Wahdat Al Shahood (Unification in Witnessing)

Many people respect, revere and love the prophet and saints of their respective religion. But for Prophets and Saints of the other religions, they hold grudge against them and develop enmity against them. Such people cannot attain any status from God, because whom they reproach are also from among the Friends of God, and assigned by the Will of God to different religions and nations.


Eyewitness Events of a few Loving Souls

Event of a predestined loving soul:

In America, I passed through a jungle at midnight, I saw a man was prostrating and weeping before a tree; I returned after an hour or so, he was still in the same state, I got closer and stopped. He felt my presence, and raised his head from the prostration. He said to me, “Why did you disturb me?” I said, “I am also in search for God.” I however wonder how God can be found through a tree. You would have been better off finding God through a religion. He said, “I do not know the original language of Celestial Books as of the Qur’an and the Bible, and I do not trust the translation of these books, because they contradict a lot, which leaves an impression as though these books were sent not by one God”. According to one book: Jesus is my son, whereas the other book says, "I do not have any son." I wasted a long period of my valuable time in the studies of these books. I have now adopted another way. See, how beautiful this tree is! It proves that God loves this tree. May be, through this tree I may gain access to God!
He was a pre-destined loving soul, who was in search for God, according to his intellect. Can such people be sent into the Hell? They are known as Incapable (Mazoor). They are those who from being a dog shall turn into Qatmir. Qatmir also did not have a religion.

Miss Katherine of Arizona USA tells a story:

I acquired Spiritual Grace of heart-invocation from Angela. She said, If invocation started in your heart within seven days, then understand that God has accepted you, otherwise, your life is a waste. When the invocation in heart did not start even after the hardship of seven days, I burst into tears one night, and I implored God. The same night, I felt the invocation of Allah started in my heart, and it has continued for the last three years now. Katharine does not believe in Age-factor. She believes in sound health. Similarly, she does not believe in religions, she rather believes in Divine Love. She admits that the heart-invocation is promoting God's Love in her heart, and that God's Love is enough and sufficient for her.


Meeting with a Hindu Guru:

I was then in the mountains of Sehwan, Sindh. I would visit the Tomb of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. One person was sitting in the courtyard of the Tomb, Many Hindu's were sitting around him in a respectful way. I asked, "Who is this Sage?" They said, "He is a Hindu Guru", He possesses an Enlightened Conscience. Our requests to Lal Shahbaz reach through him, and our prayers are answered. Many Muslims also respected him.

One day, I passed by a rock, I saw the same man was prostrating an Idol perched in front of him and he was reciting something. I met him in the Tomb the following day, I said, "I do not understand you being an Enlightened Conscience worshipping an Idol (Made of Clay). He replied," I too do not regard the Idol as Deity; however, it is my belief and it is written in your Scriptures too that God created man in His Own Form." For this reason, I carve many types of Faces, in a hope that one of the faces may resemble that of God. He said, "You are also an Enlightened Conscience, you tell me which of the Idols resembles with the face of God, so that I may also bring it into my heart."

I (His Holiness GOHAR SHAHI) was sixteen or seventeen years of age, I was reciting verse of Muzammil at the Tomb of my ancestral saint "Gohar Ali Shah". Suddenly, a tall man in guise of a fakir appeared before me, and he said," you are wasting your time (chewing hard gram). He was a saintly face, so I remained quiet, but deep down in my heart, I thought, he must be a Satan, and he came to stop me from recitation of the Qur’an.

The wheel of time kept moving, I was 35 years of age when invocation of heart started in me. I would recite the verse of Muzammil according to the prescribed method, I would stop, so that my heart also may recite, then the voice of reciting the same verse would come from my heart. One day, I was engaged in the exercise, and I was ecstatic. The same man in the same guise appeared again, and he said: “now You are reciting the Qur’an.” Healing is not done till the elixir enters the stomach; nothing happens till God's Word does not enter the heart.
He then recited a stanza from some poetry:

Anyone can recite the Motto (God’s word) by tongue
There are few who only recite the Motto (God's Word) by heart
Aashiqeen (God's Lovers) recite the Motto by heart
People of the tongue do not know this secret

Data Mosque (Lahore) as I was done with the prayers, I saw an elderly man taking care of the shoes of the visitors. I also noticed that for except taking care of the shoes, he did not offer prayers, as I was in the last row. As I was leaving, I said, you did not offer prayers, what would you gain by taking care of the shoes?" He said, "I did not offer prayers all my life, what hope may I have now in Salat for salvation?”. I now live on a hope that among so many people, there may be at least one of God's Friends, maybe by taking care of the shoes, either God's Friend or God become pleased and Merciful on me. I said, "No way of pleasing is better than that of Salat". He said, "Nothing supersedes the Beloved if you manage to please him." After three (3) years of spiritually disciplined struggle, one day, I saw that man sitting at the feet of the Beloved of God (The prophet). I recalled the stanza: Sinners reached the Divine Court, Pious and Righteous were left in the state of Awe!


"Introduction to the Person of His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi"

Born on 25th November 1941 in a small village of the Sub-Continent "Dhok Gohar Shahi" District Rawalpindi. Mother of His Holiness Gohar Shahi is a descendent of Fatima Al Zahra, meaning Sadaat-Family (Progeny of Fatima), from the grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah. The father of His Holiness is a descendant of one of the (maternal) grandsons of Syed Gohar Ali Shah, and his grandfather was linked to the Mughal family.

Since childhood, His Holiness was inclined to the tombs of Saints. Father of His Holiness explains, "His Holiness Gohar Shahi, when He was five or six years of age, would disappear. We would then find Him sitting at the Tomb of Saint Nizam Uddine Auliya (New Delhi, India). On many occasions, I felt that He was talking to the Saint Nizam Uddine." This was when father of His Holiness lived in New Delhi for his job.

March 1997, when His Holiness Gohar Shahi visited India, the Caretaker of the Tomb of Saint Nizam Uddine, crowned His Holiness with the turban of Honour, upon instruction from the Saint Nizam Uddine. Since childhood, whatever His Holiness would say, it would come true. For this reason, I would fulfil all his valid demands. Father of His Holiness says, "Gohar Shahi, as per His routine, comes to the lawn in the house every morning, and I stand in respect to greet him." His Holiness Gohar Shahi disapproves of this, He says, "I feel shy, as I am your son, so do not stand in respect for me." Father of His Holiness says, "I always insist that I do not stand in respect for You but for Allah (God) Who dwells in You. A teacher from Morah Noorie Primary School says, "I was known to be a very strict teacher in the area. I would scorn the naughty kids and His problem was that He would come to the school late, and whenever I intend to beat Him out of anger. I would feel as though somebody has held my stick, and I would start to laugh."


Remarks by Tribesmen and Friends of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

We have no accounts of His Holiness Gohar Shahi fighting with anyone, or beating up anyone. On contrary, if anyone of His friends would be angry and intended to harm Him, His Holiness Gohar Shahi would just smile.

Remarks by wife of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

In the first place, He never gets angry, and if He does, it is that of an extreme nature and that is also against some indecency. As for the generosity of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, she says, "When in the morning His Holiness leaves the room for lawn, His pockets are full with money, by return, the pockets are clean empty." He gives away all the money to needy ones and when I need it, He makes an innocent face, which drives me crazy with anger, and then looking at innocent face of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, she says," generous by heart….sitting giving away all the wealth."

Remarks by sons of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

Our Father (His Holiness Gohar Shahi) is very fond of us, and takes great care of us. But as we ask for money, He gives us not too much, and rather, He says, "You will waste it." We then say, "Either you turn us into a fakir also, or give us as much money as we need."

Remarks by the Mother of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

In childhood, when He would not go to school for a day or two, or later in life, if He suffered a business loss, I would criticize him but he never raised his head in response. Whereas, my Spiritual Guide Kakka Miyan from the village of Shams would advise me, "Do not swear at RIAZ. You do not know what I see in Him." Sympathy for Humanity is so much so as when he would find out that a passenger bus broke down even at a distance of 10 miles, He would get the food prepared for the passengers and carried it to them riding his bicycle.

Remarks by Mohammad Iqbal of Fazooliyan, a close friend of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

Mohammad Iqbal says: in rainy reason, we would occasionally cross through the fields, as we would walk on the track, numerous ants would also be crawling on it. We would not care for the ants but He (His Holiness Gohar Shahi) would wade in the mud, leaving off the track, lest he may walk on them to happen to hurt them. When a murder-case was falsely instigated against Him, Quddous Sheikh of the Crime Branch came to us for inquiry. The members of the neighbourhood told him that in our eyes, His Holiness Gohar Shahi would never have killed a mosquito, let alone a human being.


Remarks by Aunt of His Holiness Gohar Shahi:

It was when I was a student of grade eighth. One day my Aunt, who was very devout, chaste and a keen worshiper (who possessed envy and jealousy, which are often found among the worshipers), said,           "Everything was right about Me except that I did not make my prayers.” I said to my Aunt, “The prayer is a gift to God, and I do not want to collude my prayer with Bukhal, arrogance, envy and grudge, and send it to God.” I told her that I would pray when my prayer was proper and right unlike people like her, who make their prayers, and at the same time commit grievous sins like back-biting, and slandering others.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi shares His Childhood Incidents:

At the age of ten or twelve I would talk to God in dreams, I would see Bait Al Mamoor but I did not know its reality, after completion of Spiritually Disciplined Struggle, I saw these places again, and the reality was unfolded. I had an Uncle in the army who used to visit brothels. His family prohibited this. He took me along with him on one occasion so that his family would not suspect (his actions). I had no understanding of brothels and prostitutes. He would give me some tea and biscuits (leaving me waiting), and would go inside the brothel himself. He said to me, “This is an office for women.” I was weary with this place a few days later, when my Uncle said to me, “They are women, and God made them for this purpose.” He tried to involve me also. My Uncle’s words disturbed me. I could not sleep all night struggling with my Nafs (Self), and then suddenly I fell asleep.

I saw a large round elevated stage, and I was standing under it. I heard a loud voice from above it, “Bring him forth.” I noticed that two men held my Uncle, and brought him forward; they pointed towards him that he was the one. The voice was heard again, “Beat him with the metal bars.” The men started beating him. He then screamed, wailed, and eventually his face turned into that of a swine. The voice then said (to me), “If you will become involved with him, you will be treated likewise.” I then repented, sought forgiveness, after which I woke up with these words on my tongue, “My Lord I repent, my Lord I repent.” The effects of this dream stayed with me for a few years.

The next day, I was travelling towards my village on a bus, I noticed that a few robbers were trying to pull out a cassette player from a taxi. When the driver resisted, they took out their knives, attacked, and killed him. On witnessing this event, our bus stopped. On seeing us, the robbers ran away. The driver died in agony before our eyes. I thought that the life is so uncertain. I went to bed, and this poem was echoing inside me, “Forgive all my errors, I have come and fallen at your (Holy) court.” The whole night passed bewailing. Some time after this event, I renounced the world, and went to the Tomb of the Saint Jaam Dataar. I did not find any solace there either, and my brother-in-law brought me back to this world again.

At the age of thirty-four, the Saint Bari Imam appeared in front me and said, “Now is the time for your return to the jungle again.” After three years of spiritual seclusion, when I achieved something, I returned to the tomb of the Saint Jaam Dataar. The Saint (came out of his tomb and) appeared in front of me. I said to him, “If you had accepted me (initiated me) when I came to you earlier, I would have been spared of the carnal life (that I had lived before I went to the jungle).” The Saint replied, “It was not your time then.”


"Selected Features of the Inner-Being of His Holiness Gohar Shahi"

At the age of 19, Jussa-e-Tawfeeq-e-Ilahi (Sub-Spirit of God) was attached with, which remained in company of His Holiness Gohar Shahi for a year. Due to its influence, His Holiness Gohar Shahi, tearing apart his clothes, wrapped around his Body with only one piece of cloth, went to the jungle of "Jaam Dataar". Jussa-e-Tawfeeq-e-Ilahi was yet given on temporary basis, and then, it remained disappeared for 14 years. Yet again in 1975, Jussa-e-Tawfeeq-e-Ilahi became the reason for bringing His Holiness Gohar Shahi into the Jungle of Sehwan Sharif.

At the age of 25, Jussa-e-Gohar Shahi was crowned as the Commander of the Esoteric Forces. With the help of which, His Holiness remained protected against the mischief of Terrestrial Satans and Evil forces. Jussa-e-Tawfeeq-e-Ilahi and Tifl-e-Noorie are Special-Creatures, and superior to all souls, Malaika (Archangels) and Lata'if (Souls of the Breast). Like Archangels, they also have direct access to God. Their Esoteric stage is that of the Realm of Ahdiyat (The Realm of Divine Oneness). 

At the age of 35, on 15th Ramadhaan 1976, A Sperm of Light (Noor) was placed in heart (soul of Qalb). Later, it was called to different places for Esoteric Discipline and Learning. On 15th Ramadhaan--1985, when His Holiness had already been assigned on to the Worldly DUTY in Hyderabad (Pakistan),the same Sperm-of-Light, having grown up into Tifl-e-Noorie was delivered for good, through this Tifl-e-Noorie, in the Court of Mohammad, Crown of Sultan was placed on HEAD of His Holiness Gohar Shahi. The "Rank" to Tifl-e-Noorie is granted after completion of 12 years, however, it was awarded to His Holiness Gohar Shahi in nine years, due to the assignment of Worldly Duty.

"Reasons for the Celebrations of Jashan-e-Shahi"

On 15th Ramadhaan 1977, series of unique Secretive Conversation (Ilhamaat-Inspiration) with God also began. The Promise of "Radhiya Mardhiya" (Your Will is My Will-My Will is Your Will) took place, rank was also granted. Since Every Rank (Martabah) and Ascension (Meraaj) is related to 15th Ramadhaan, This is why in order to express feelings of Happiness and gratefulness, Jashan-e-Shahi is celebrated every year.

In 1978, His Holiness came to Hyderabad, and commenced the process of guidance and teaching, and this message spread all over the world before our eyes. Millions of Hearts were revived with the Heart Invocation of Allah and Millions of them have the Name Allah inscribed on their Hearts. Word got inscribed on hearts (Qalb) of thousands of people, and they witnessed it. Millions of people accessed to Kashf Al Qaboor (Ability to speak to Nafs of the departed saints) and Kashf Al Hazoor (Access to the Court of Mohammed). His Holiness has cured Millions of people with terminal diseases.

After having received the teachings and guidance from His Holiness Gohar Shahi, the People from every religion, every nationality, and every race found the Love of God, and reached the Essence of God.

“By God! I too am from those people, on whose Hearts the Name Allah is beautifully written and shining.”  

 Sheikh Nizam-Uddin, Maryland, U.S.A.


Extracts for Quick Awareness

  1. If you are in a religion but you are deprived of God's Love, then those are better, who are not in any religion but they possess God's Love. 
  2. Love relates to hearts as word Allah is synchronized within heart beats, through bloodstream it arrives in veins to revive the souls, then Souls being ecstatic enter God's Love.
  3. Any Name of the Lord, in any language is worthy of respect, But His Original Name is in language of Suryani which the creature of the Empyrean speak The Angels call upon God with this Name, this Name is also attached with in Motto of every Prophet.
  4. Any person who with all the sincerity of heart is in search for God, on Land or in Sea is worthy of respect.
  5. Many Adams came to this world simultaneously in separate parts of the world. All Adams were created in this world with the clay from this world. Whereas the Final Adam who is buried in Arab was alone created in the Heaven with the clay from Heaven. No other Adam was prostrated by Angels for except the Final Adam. Iblis became enemy of the Final Adam only.
  6. There are 7 types of souls in a human body. Each one relates to a separate Heaven and separate function in a human body.  If they are strengthened with Divine Light (Noor), then they in form of that person can be present in many places at a time, they can even access to the gatherings of the Prophets and the Saints, talk to God and meet God in person.
  7. There are two types of religions for every human being. (One that of the Body, which expires after death) the other religion is that of the soul, which existed even at the Beginning of the creation “The Day of Azal”. The religion of soul is known as divine love. It is because of this religion that a human being obtains higher ranks.
  8. Ishq of God is superior to all religions and meeting God in person is superior to all types of worship.
  9. Knowledge, relating to the creation of humans, animals, rocks and trees. Reasons as to how and what is prohibited (Haram). What is allowed (Halal) for consumption and why?
  10. Who (Creature) existed even before the command "Be” (for souls and angels)? Which was the dog that will enter the Paradise becoming Qatmir? Which souls of the people had already recited the Kalima (motto), in the primordial time?

Who is the man, the secret of whom is not disclosed in this book?
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