Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
Mark by Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
Mark A. Foster, the host, has wide–ranging interests. He has a Ph.D. (sociology and history), an M.A. (sociology), an A.B.J. (magazine journalism), and an A.A. (English). In addition to being a retired tenured (full) professor of sociology and an author, he is a Bahá’í, a critical realist, a Socialist from Below–Third Worldist, an Antifa activist, and an Autistic activist. From 1974–1993, he held occasional part–time positions as a radio newscaster and a reporter. He is a ventriloquist and was trained in the Hal and Ruth Persons’ School of Method Acting at the Theater Academy of New York City. Mark’s podcasts, continuing his lectures as a professor, focus on conscientization.
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