Information About Mark Foster, Ph.D.

Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., consults, conducts seminars, and performs in the Kansas City metropolitan area and over the Internet,


Mark has owned and operated an executive marketing/resume service and directed an employment agency for a non-profit organization. He can guide you through all phases of the job search process, including career marketing, common pitfalls in the job search process, designing a resume which will take advantage of your strengths and organizing your information for maximum impact, writing those cover letters, handing the interview (what and what not to say), negotiating a winning salary (and when to begin talking money), etc.


Mark, will work with businesses in developing in-house publications, in using all available media, and in advertising over the rapidly expanding Internet. As a sociologist, he is also trained in the study of group dynamics and can help resolve many human relationship problems.


Mark will conduct seminars and individual consultations designed to help you overcome destructive emotional and mental patterns - including addictions, obsessions, and compulsions - by focusing on the solution - not on the problem.


Mark Foster conducts research into modalities designed to facilitate human growth and development. Currently, he is planning a large-scale project which will test the effectiveness of a particular methodology on a panel of subjects.


Mark began doing ventriloquism when he was six years old. Along with Dusty and his friends, he will perform at parties and events of all sorts.


Mark did his undergraduate work in magazine journalism, has worked as a journalist for three radio stations, operates five successful Internet email lists, and works for three CompuServe and one America Online forum. As a professional sociologist, he has extensively studied human behavior. He specializes in the study of human behavior. His M.A. and Ph.D. are in sociology, and he is tenured at a large college in the Kansas City area. He is a past president (1995) of the Kansas Sociological Society. In addition, he has worked as a newscaster, writer, and producer for three radio stations, has owned and operated an executive outplacement service, and has served as the employment director for a community agency.

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