A Workable Plan to Avert the War

by John Dale, esq.

Prescott, Arizona, USA

March 3, 2003

To avert a war in the Middle East at this very late  date,

something very dramatic and morally mobilizing  to  hundreds

of millions of people must happen immediately: the Pope  and

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and possibly  other  famous

people, must put themselves personally on the line and go to

Baghdad and act as human shields to the Iraqi people.

Even George Bush would not dare to bomb Baghdad if the  Pope

and the UN Secretary-General, a Nobel  Peace  Prize  winner,

along with other famous people, were there.

At the same time, the Pope and Kofi Annan must have  a  plan

of action. This is what I think it should be:

1. They should call for the establishment of a peaceful,  UN

Trusteeship over Iraq, jointly administered with the help of

the   Organization   of   the   Islamic    Conference    (an

intergovernmental organization of 57 Islamic nations), under

which Iraq would be supervised by the UN and  the  OIC  into

compliance with international law and the resolutions of the

Security Council. (Getting the UN Security Council to act in

conjunction with the OIC is vital so that Arabs and  Muslims

would be helping to solve a world problem, and so  that  the

Trusteeship would not be  a  "West  versus  East,  Christian

versus Muslim" type of intervention but a collective  action

of the UN and the Middle East region as a whole.)

2. Saddam and the inner circle of his regime would  go  into

internal exile under house arrest, but not be  charged  with

war crimes, and the  bureaucracy  of  the  Iraqi  government

would stay in power and perform ordinary civil and  policing

functions under UN supervision. (This  would  help  motivate

Saddam to  accept  this  deal  and  also  preserve  internal

stability in Iraq.)

3. In exchange for Saddam’’s and Iraq's agreement to  accept

this joint UN-OIC Trust status, the US and the UK  would  be

asked to back off and to agree, along with other  countries,

not to act  unilaterally  but  to  put  their  forces  under

strictly collective  UN  Security  Council  supervision,  as

called for in the UN  Charter  under  Article  43.  Adequate

international forces acting solely  under  Security  Council

authority would remain stationed in the Middle  East  region

to overcome any Iraqi non-compliance if  necessary.  Ongoing

military strikes against Iraqi targets would cease.

4. Under the Trust, the genocidal economic sanctions  regime

would also be ended, and humanitarian aid  inspectors  would

make sure that dual use items got to the proper  people  and

not to the military. Public health would be restored.

5. Similarly, the weapons  inspections  would  continue  and

increase  in  number  up  to  whatever  level  would  assure

international peace and security. Any weapons found would be


6. Similarly human rights monitors would  inspect  and  help

ensure the enforcement of international  human  rights.  The

rule of law and the judicial and  justice  systems  in  Iraq

would be restored .

7. The Pope and Kofi Annan should also call for  the  people

of the Middle East  region  themselves  to  be  involved  in

establishing and approving this joint  UN-OIC  trust,  i.e.,

the peoples of the Middle East should approve the idea by  a

plebiscite at some point, both inside Iraq  and  regionally.

(If one of the aims of the  International  Community  is  to

increase democracy in this part of the  world,  what  better

way to do so than by starting immediately and  using  direct

democracy to help avert a war and to support a  plan  for  a

peaceful solution. I think that a plebiscite on establishing

the UN Trusteeship, averting war, and helping get Iraq  back

to normal in a peaceful way jointly through the UN  and  the

OIC would enjoy overwhelming public support, in contrast  to

public reaction to a US invasion.)

8. The plan would look beyond just Iraq  and  call  for  the

implementation of a zone in the Middle East free of  weapons

of mass destruction -- an idea the UN General  Assembly  has

been proposing for decades and which  the  Security  Council

must implement as  a  matter  off  international  peace  and

security under Chapter 7 of the Charter. Iraq is  just  part

of this zone, and we must not lose sight of the larger  aim,

which is security and cooperation and prosperity for all  in

the entire Middle East, including Israel and Palestine.

9. Life in Iraq would be restored to normal  as  quickly  as

possible; and under UN-OIC supervision,  genuine  democratic

elections would eventually be held, restoring the country to

the people of Iraq.

I think if people of the stature of  the  Pope  and  the  UN

Secretary-General, and other possible  famous  people,  took

this upon themselves, and called for this  plan  of  action,

and if they  called  for  global  public  understanding  and

appreciation of Islamic and Arabic  contributions  to  world

civilization, and for a global mobilization of  religion  in

the cause of peace, they could  bring  about  a  miracle  of

peace and avert the immense disaster  in  international  and

intercultural relations which is now about to happen.

(Incidentally, I'm not a  Catholic,  so  I’’m  not  covertly

promoting my own brand of theology.)

Uniting for Peace. An idea that  could  help  this  plan  of

action would be for the UN General Assembly to call for  the

Pope and Kofi Annan to undertake this mission and  authorize

it under the Uniting for Peace procedure, where  the  United

States has no veto power. Doing so would give  this  action,

and the  United  Nations,  even  more  moral  authority  and


If the nations of the world and the major religions  of  the

world would unite for  peace  at  this  critical  moment  in

history, I  believe  war  and  its  incalculable  subsequent

misery for both the  present  and  for  future  generations,

could be averted.

This scenario would indeed be "high  stakes  drama"  on  the

international stage, but what other option is left?

We cannot let this catastrophe  occur.  We  must  make  this


If this plan makes sense to you, put yourself on the line a little bit, and pass this idea along to the UN Secretary General and to the Pope and to other famous people both directly and through whatever other subchannels of communication might also reach them. Time is running out! The darkness of war is almost about to overwhelm us. Let us act for our own integrity as global United Nations citizen peacekeepers. Let us act for a sustainable community and future on Earth, and let us act to save the people of Iraq! The Vatican UN Observer Mission is at: Holy See, Permanent Observer of Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations, 25 East 39th Street, New York, N.Y. 10016-0903 . Telephone: (212) (212) 370-7885, Telefax: (212) 370-9622 An address for the Vatican itself is (snail mail): His Holiness John Paul II, Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City State, Europe (Don't say Italy). The email address given by Dr. Helen Caldicott, who is urging the Pope to undertake this mission, is accreditamenti@pressva.va. Try also: pcjustpax@justpeace.va. I have no personal address for the Secretary-General, but try addressing this appeal to him at inquiries@un.org. Try looking at the UN web site, www.un.org, for possible email for the Secretary General or other people in his office. You might also try sending copies to UNESCO at webmaster@unescso.org and to the High Commissioner for Human Rights at webadmin.hchr@unog.ch. If anyone finds better addresses, please let me know. To take an even further step, go the UN System web site, and click on "Missions to the UN." This lists the various Member State missions to the UN. Some of them have emails to which you can send this appeal. Send it especially to members of the Security Council, to countries in the region of Iraq, to Islamic countries, and to other major Third World countries.
Copyright © 2003 John Dale