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Welcome to the Handcoders Guild™, a service of SocioSphere.com, on the WebRing system.

This webring is for web designers who primarily develop web pages, websites, website templates, or scripts (such as PHP) which generate code "on the fly" using handcoding (i.e., source, not WYSIWYG, editing). Popular Microsoft Windows handcoding clients include, but are not limited to, NoteTab, HomeSite, UltraEdit, EditPlus, CuteHTML, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, and, of course, Notepad. BBEdit is a well-respected handcoding tool for the Macintosh.

For instance, the ring maintainer's MarkFoster.NETwork™ includes twelve websites or publications. All of them are handcoded (primarily) with NoteTab Pro (previously, with UltraEdit).

I have put together some (X)HTML suggestions for my on-campus students and a collection of links to various website construction resources. You may also participate in our forum.

To apply to join the ring, follow the instructions on this page. The ring maintainer will review all submissions prior to adding them. Site content should be no more than PG rated.

If you are concerned that the ring's navigation bar would not neatly fit on your (main) page, what I would suggest is creating a separate page for it and providing a link at the top of that page to the main (home) page of your site. Be sure, when joining, that you register the page which will contain the navigation bar.

The Handcoders Guild is maintained by Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.

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