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A Critical Realist Perspective
Founder, Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., sociologist, journalist, & historian
Dedicated to Roy Bhaskar, 1944-2014
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GThe Institute for Dialectical metaRealism™, a neo-Marxian think tank, is the theory, research, and literary agency of The MarkFoster.NETwork. Substantively, the institute has focused upon clinical sociology (with public sociologists as public intellectuals), advocacy journalism, history, and religious studies, including the Baháʾí Faith, Ṣūfism (Taṣawwuf), Pentecostalism, and the sociology of language and religion. A Marxist-Luxemburgist approach to Bhaskarian critical realism is applied to: intersectionality (a branch of critical social theory), social constructionism, world-systems analysis, the social model of disability, and community organizing.

The institute’s dialectical unity turn is analogous to the late Roy Bhaskar’s spiritual turn. Ontology (being) in Dialectical metaRealism™ (DmR™) is the realist Echoes of Cosmic Unity. A multi-layered enfoldment of eternal, unknowable unities (not consciousness) approximates Bhaskar’s cosmic envelope, metaReality, copresence, nonduality, or ground-state. Emancipatory agency is acquiring the attributes (events) of various unities.

A fallibilist epistemology (explanation of knowledge) is limited to essential attributes and relative to human capacities and expectations. Methodologies are systematic implementations of epistemologies. The phenomenological and qualitative human science methodology, freely offered, is Heartfulness Inquiry. It resembles heuristic, individual lived, integral, mindful, intuitive, integrated, organic, and phenomenological inquiries, autoethnography, participant observation, and others.

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The phonetic similarity to dialectical materialism is certainly striking.
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DmR was The Institute for Structurization Theory™ until June 26th, 2015.
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