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Medieval Nominalism
An Explanation of the Term & Links by Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.

Themes addressed in medieval nominalism are the separation of the sacred and secular, a consideration of universals as names, and a rejection of representational realism (i.e., words as just words). Medieval nominalists include, in part, the ideas of (1) Roscelin (a scholastic), (2) Ibn Khaldun (Abd Ar Rahman bin Muhammed ibn Khaldun), and (3) the Via Moderna (Latin, the modern way, i.e., nominalist and terminist) of William of Ockham (a Franciscan and also a scholastic) and his successors, such as:

  1. Robert Holkot
  2. Gregory of Rimini
  3. Gabriel Biel ("Gabrielism")
  4. Pierre d'Ailly
  5. Jean Gerson
  6. John Buridan
  7. Martin Luther (a Gabrielist but technically modern, not medieval)