Dr. Mark A. Foster
Sociologist • Journalist • Historian

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Office: GEB 151-D (Located in the GEB 151 Office Suite)

Office Hours (Fall, 2009): MWF 10:55-11:55 and TTh 9:55-10:55

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Office: (913) 469-8500, x3376 (with voice mail)

Office Fax: (913) 469-2585 (speak with me in advance)

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Dr. Mark A. Foster

(full) Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Johnson County Community College

12345 College Boulevard

Overland Park, Kansas 66210-1283 U.S.A.



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Degrees and Diploma

Major: Sociology (religion, theory, and family)

Minor: History (historiography and historical method, French Revolution, and science and technology)

Dissertation: American Pentecostal Convergence and Divergence: A Hermeneutic and Survey Analysis

Major Professor and Dissertation Director: Ronald L. Neff, Ph.D. (bio from his site PDFed)

Postdoctoral work, Mississippi State University's Social Science Research Center, 1984 (Wrote a grant proposal for a social survey addressing the needs of Mississippi's elderly population)

M.A., LIU Post (more formally, C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University), 1981

Major: Sociology (religion, political, human ecology, and development)

Thesis: Increasing Complexity as a Process in Social Evolution: A Case Study of the Bahá'í Faith

Advisor and Thesis Director: Changboh Chee, Ph.D. (PDFed), then chair of the Sociology Department

A.B.J., University of Georgia, 1978

Major: Magazine Journalism

Minors: Sociology and English

A.A., Nassau Community College of the
State University of New York
, 1976

Concentration: English

Diploma, Levittown Memorial High School (Levittown, Long Island, New York), 1974

Honor Societies

Alpha Kappa Delta (sociology), Mississippi State University, 1983

Phi Alpha Theta (history), Mississippi State University, 1982

Phi Theta Kappa (two-year college), Nassau Community College, 1975

Teaching Work

The Professor

Dr. Foster currently teaches, both on campus and over the Internet (distance learning), SOC 122 (Introduction to Sociology). He teaches SOC 125 (Social Problems) only on campus.

In his on-campus classes, Dr. Foster combines lecture with class and small-group discussions. Emphases are placed on the social construction of groups and societies and, especially in his Social Problems course, on the deconstruction, or elimination, of political, economic, and social oppression. His classes are constructed to promote structured dialogue.

Specializations, Researches, and Praxes

Sociology (Major: Ph.D./M.A. and ½ Minor: A.B.J.)

  • Sociology of Religion
  • Social Theory (critical realism, intersectionality, world-systems analysis, and the social model of disability)
  • Public Sociology
  • Clinical Sociology
  • Research & Teaching
  • Cybersociology
  • Sociology of the Family

  • History (Minor: Ph.D.)

  • Historical Sociology
  • Historiography and Historical Method

  • Magazine Journalism (Major: A.B.J.) and English (½ Minor: A.B.J. and Concentration: A.A.)

  • Advocacy Journalism (Autistic Rights, Editorialization, Commentary, and Opinion)
  • Writing
  • Web & Webzine Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Listserv & Forum Management

  • Personal Expressions

  • Website Development
  • Ventriloquism
  • Critical Thinking
  • Human Resource Development
  • Sci Fi (Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek DS9, etc.)

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